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Brandon Oct 2017
{Set I: Brandon}
When I wake up,  I want to only see you
An adventure of a lifetime, all I say is 'Whoo-Hoo!'
I love the way you sound when you're fatigued
Those hands and how they fit between mine
I want you in the picture when I succeed
Pancakes, lemonade, it's almost 5
On the road to Niagara, with you I feel high
You can play with your ruby hair and I'll smile
When I look at you I know we can walk 500 miles
Pancakes, lemonade, watching a colorful sunrise
You'll be asking what I'm looking at with those eyes
I'm just looking at the last piece to my puzzle
It's the littlest things that really make your connection with somebody truly special and unique. ❤️
indigo blush Jan 2017
the lilies they bloom at your feet
hear them sway to the wind
they care of no coming doom
here the finches they sing and play
bend your bough and they build
your seeds they will carry afar
the wise old rock
he gruntles and moves gently
you are here to observe
tell your story and let him be
you are just here

— The End —