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Ankur Dutta Mar 2019
Glimpses of the bygone days,
as the bygoners are now gone;
feeds up the memory lane,
where the future once did dawn.

For, life and living are both meaningless,
with the lives i lived with gone;
for guns n roses (together)  ne’er  prevails,
a blind eye of the human race.

Shadows of those caravan camps,
Haunt those blood red lands;
red roses crown the graves,
lost are those men as slaves.

Aimed for peace,
Aimed for love;
war killed thine aim.
Roses over graves,
Roses for love;
both are not the same.

With whom to share the victory marks?
friends, family, (too)many gone;
for guns and roses can ne’er cross roads,
as one uproots and the other sows.
on the pains and pangs of wars
claire Mar 2017
I'll never understand how they live with themselves.
They condemn death only when it suits them.
They judge those who speak their minds
While embracing a nation of child-killers.

I'll never understand how they live with themselves.
Sleep must be hard to come by when you
Endorse the murders of millions of children
With no more thought than a gardener pruning a pesky ****.

I'll never understand how they live with themselves.
They extinguish the fragile flames of would-be daughters and sons
And explain that this heinous crime is
Not only acceptable, but essential.

I'll never understand how they live with themselves.
It must be nearly impossible to stand up straight
When the burden of innocent lives swings from your shoulders.
Death is so heavy, even if the souls are small.
An elegy for unborn babies. An elegy for morality.
Elizabeth Parks Apr 2016
i'm sorry but i don't
know how much more
longer i can take the tears
i told you i would wait forever
and i meant it but the tears first began
everyday but then started being once a week
and then rarely but now they are back to being
every night and i just don't know anymore it goes
up and down back and forth like a huge freaking cycle
and i am tired of the cycle so for you i'm
going to try no not try i am going to
break the cycle and not cry and i
am going to get through this so
everything can be good so that i don't ruin
this perfect and fragile thing we have cause
to me it's the best thing happening in my life
and one of few things i am looking forward
in life to that and becoming a general surgical
and being with you so i am sorry i have been so
sad recently but i am going to fix it cause you can't
keep saying sorry if you aren't going to fix the problem
cause then you don't really mean it...  do you?
so i am going to stop crying and then i am going to stop
worrying about everything so i can get my license and get a
car and get a job and start doing stuff with my precious life
because i have decided moping about moving and not getting
to see my best friends everyday is not good for anyone and
isn't going to help with anything at all so here we go
"my new beginning" it starts now and i am going
go to get the most out of life because life is precious

— The End —