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rey Aug 2017
its 2:36am

i ran out of my pills yesterday
took the last of 40 with my water
on a saturday morning

i wake up and lay

i stare at the ceiling for an hour
i fall asleep for another 4

when i awake
i feel empty
and emotionless

i lay in bed for 2 more hours

i finally leave my bed
and run a bath

i lay in the bath in silence
for 1 hour

thinking about nothing
thinking so much

i do my bed
wash the dishes

my chest feels hallow
my hands feel cold

the rest of the day is a daze
an apathetic blur

now i lay awake
at 2:46am
with a pain between my eyes
and a million thoughts in my head
Lizzy Dec 2015
Pill number nine.
My head is pounding
And the room is spinning so fast,
I'm not sure which way is up.
My stomach is churning,
I can barely keep it's contents from
Making an appearance.
Nine, you better be worth this.

Pill number ten.
I can't take you.
I know the doctor said tonight,
But nine has me so sick
The thought of swallowing another pill
Just makes me gag.
You'll get your chance tomorrow.

— The End —