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Par khadka Apr 2020
Cacophony of absolute horror abated
I heard a sweet harmony bombinated
Somewhere deep i couldnot see
Felt like someones calling for me
Its myself it was the change i wanted to be
"Don't **** your dreams it's time to live"

Don't **** your dreams it's time to live.
Incompletely complete
Par khadka Apr 2020
Just a bug here i am
Wishing to fly with no wings
Stuck in these four walls cocoon
Waiting for the change future brings
Dreaming of the places I will reach
With those new shiny spotted wings

Alas!Am I waiting too long or I am just dreamer dud
Am I just a bug boiled in cocoon never to fly
Just a silk showpiece somewhere in someone's cupboard
At the corner where it doesnot even matches the colour codes
Ignored, dusty, never to be reached, never to be felt

I am just a bug wishing to fly
With no wings dreaming of sky
Par khadka Apr 2020
"Oh see the full moon
It is so shining bright"
"Why are you looking at me? Look there look at sky."
"You are my moon lighting my darkest skies."

Now i look
the sky was so dark like all the light has gone
Like moon has deserted the sky
Nothing left just darkness and stars twinkling in distance
Daunting night dark eerie silence accompanying by murmur of insects

Afraid of everyone everything dark night unfolds
Fear has once again rule over me
See the true ruler of heart it roars

No you are not i had forgotten you for a long time
I try to fight back the dark looking at its eyes
But with stars you can never light up the skies
You need moon my friend you need to shine

— The End —