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TheUnseenPoet Nov 2020
I once bought a life size cut out of John Cena.
I have no idea why. It was 3am and I was drunk.
When it arrived my children were overjoyed and took lots of photographs of themselves doing
Swanton bombs
Stone Cold Stunners
Sweet Chin Music
Rock Bottoms and
Flying Elbows.
I didn't. I couldn't see him.
True story. He lived in our kitchen for many years.
kakashi's wife Feb 2017
can you see me?
my time is now.
you can not stop me
my time is now.

is your time up? my time is now,
only you know, my time is now
its the franchise boy, my time is now
you cant. see. me.
my time is now.
John Cena, my lord
My Legs are superior
Sorry not sorry
a haiku by me in honor of my lovely new friends

— The End —