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Your Name Here Jun 2016
Cascading tears fall from my face.
Love has come and abruptly been erased.
So quickly you swept me off me feet.
And the same goes for how you discarded me.
What the fck I thought I meant something.
Told myself you were an angel without wings.
You burned my fortress that took so long to build.
Destroyed my home and crushed my will.
Love is such a masive risk.
****** cold touch and poisoned kiss.
Creation of my darkest dreams.
I wish you'd just f
ckng leave.
Youve scarred me enough to scare away.
I will never forget your evil waysssss.
Thanks alot you evil witch.
You ******* my life you f
ckng btch.
A little graphic sorry was emotional write at the time

— The End —