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Zoe Grace Jul 2019
Both legs under the covers
Nope, it's too hot.

Neither leg under the covers
Nope, it's too cold

One leg out of the covers and hanging over the side of the bed
But the demon
In the shadows hiding,
Will get you
And pull you under
And eat you
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
1:30 AM is when my head starts hurting and my body feels heavy with burdens
My soul feels hollow
And I don't really know who to talk to
Because it's a little late to call anyone
I'm googling weird things
And making my bucket list
Coming up with distractions for weeks to come
Because it is my only escape from my inexplicable pain and sadness
Is it against the law to buy mice and then just release them?
What time does the grocery store open?
How much do fish and flowers cost?

— The End —