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Correlation does not imply causation.

Solid, strong, fact.

But when the month long grey veil
that smothered our holiday is hauled back
just as we return,
sun and fat heat to grill us in our ties and blazers,
I’m inclined, for once, to thumb my nose at science:

nature abhors term time
Brian Turner Sep 2020
Bright light blesses us this morn
The dew rises on the stems of the grass
Un-expected heat comes to pass

We reflect on the Summer that was meant to be
That most us didn't get to the sea
And most of us didn't feel free

Oh heat beam down and give us solis
Give us strength for the Winter and what may come to stall us
As we pray that the darkness will not want to call us
Enjoying 30 degrees in the UK today.
I watched as Fall fell today.
From the rain.
It washed the Earth.
Cleansed the trees as well.
The bright golds,
crimson reds of yesterday...
Yesterday, a day of sun that
warmed my skin. Blessed me
of Autumn beauty.

The Indian Summer
long awaited.
A secret time
'tween the
Fall and Winter.
When all things feel precious, sacred.
Comfortable and soft in the
prelude before the trees darken
for the deep slumber of winter.

It is this moment I love best.
The breath the Earth exhales,
Her Warmth, to keep us entranced,
until Spring greats us once again.

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
John-Chris Ward Dec 2014
We were an Indian summer;
In the midst of December.
We've been hotter this winter
Than any other winter that I can remember.
We were just a fling,
A temporary thing.
The storm came without warning;
But we knew it was coming.
Where do we go from here?
The Indian summer never goes on for long, but I hope it comes back soon.

— The End —