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Take me on a journey with you
Make me no longer feel blue
Give me the spark that you do
Give me that light you used to
Take me on a journey with you
To the love of my life that may never come back around again. My love for you is eternal, and true. I wish it was the same with you.
Olivia Christine Oct 2017
So hurt by everyone that said they'll never leave
I guess that's always how it's going to be
Just a road of broken promises
And tears to form a river

If everyone that says they won't leave does
Then how do you know if they're actually going to stay?
How do you know that they're serious
Do you know that they mean what they say?

My mind fills with endless doubts on love
A part of me longs for you
Another just wants me to give up

I spent so much time and effort on you
For a love that might not have even been true

You hurt me, I hurt you...
How do you ever know? When will you know if they will actually keep their promise and stay? Does everyone just leave eventually?
brandon nagley Nov 2015
Mahal Kita
Mine angel;

Mahal Kita
Mine soulmate;

Mahal Kita
Mine cherub;

Mahal Kita
Mine grace;

Mahal Kita
Mine reyna;

Mahal Kita
Mine queen;

Mahal Kita
Mine life;

Mahal Kita
Sweet Jane;
                    Nami-miss kita
                    Mine seraphim;

                    Nami-miss kita
                    mine heaven's song;

                    Nami-miss kita
                    Messenger of God;

                    Nami-miss kita
                    Mine all;


©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedication-Filipino rose
Mahal Kita means + I love you
     Nami-miss kita means- I miss you
Both from Filipino tongue..,

— The End —