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thara Jun 12
Why does the monster in the mirror cry?
I want to help her but I am too scared to try
Why do I see this?why do I feel this?
Tell me who hurt you,let me love you
Your eyes they shine back on mine
Hand on hand
Our words and minds align

There is a monster in my mirror
I want to help her,I want to save her
Every step towards the mirror
My blood,it spills thicker
Closer and closer
The light seems to get stronger

Mirror, mirror on the wall
These pages burning with the colours of my mind
See the fresh poison in my eyes
And pray that the fire has not yet died
It's been pretty dark lately, so I decided to be dark with it.
Another one of my nonsensical poems
It's based on a lucid dream of mine that kept recurring
Cezar Ybanez Jr Mar 2018
whenever I say "I don't care anymore"
it's not to emphasize that I really don't
it's more like a reminder
to myself
that I shouldn't

cause I keep forgetting and forgetting
cause it's hard not to care, ok?
-an ode for all of us, who can't not care
Serwaa Akoto Aug 2016
"I [Name]  take you, __,
To be my lawfully wedded husband,
To have and to hold, from this day forward,
For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health, until death do us part.... I DO"

We can now check off wedding from our to-do list
And update all our status to married
But what happens to the marriage ?

Why does something that sound so free leaves one so trap
I don't want to be together for my religion sake
It was not Jesus or  Mohammad that I married, no I married you
I don't want to be together for our children sake
I am unhappy and I know they are aware
So what is with the  masquerade?

I want to be together for our love sake
Because I have search the entire planet
Yet I can't  find another partner who is better than you sake
For I complete you and you complete me sake
We have an iron bond that can never be broken sake

Babe keep your wedding, if you are not ready for our marriage
Just for my peace of mind sake

— The End —