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Jade Wright Feb 2021
Remember it’s temporary
embrace the beauty
find the fabulous.
Inspired by ‘Instructions for living a life’ by Mary Oliver.
Holly Owen Oct 2015

as i remove myself
from society
from each passing gaze
and each long-winded status update,
i noticed that i am now an on looker
watching myself
from a distance.
each fleeting moment
with each passing hour,
the thoughts flutter
across my face.
unsure of what to say
or how to feel.
a quick chill
sweeps through my body
causing my mind to notice
each inch
each muscle
each never
that is part of my existence.
i feel my self falling
tumbling down a
dark abyss.
not knowing
what will await me
once i hit the other side.
that is when i see *you

you extend your
long slender arms
hoping to find
my small boney fingers.
the look in your eyes
explains each emotion
you are unable to mention.
it is not sadness or fear
but uncertainty and longing to understand.
you long for
my touch
my love
my kiss
and the assurance that i will never leave.
those dark warm eyes are
like a warm hug that
surrounds my whole body.
even after all this time,
you still amazing me
and yet i remain here.
i remain a hollow corps
that has let it's soul run wild
and constantly forgets
how to live.
i remain

my mind always wanders once it becomes night.

— The End —