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ryn Apr 17
If she is the sky
And he is of earth
If she spans the height
He is the girth

Where are you?

Here between these lines
Spoken but unheard
Seen but invisible
Once first, now third
ryn Apr 14
I will remember
the song that my heart
played percussions to.

I will sing the words,
with no one else,
to a song made for two.
ryn Apr 12
My feet struck the earth
just as they did before.
I didn’t need to think -
rehearsed steps guided
my strides.

One foot in front of the other...
My soles tasted the concrete
with traction between lunges.

I was going places.
I was getting somewhere.

I wished I knew
where I was heading.
ryn Apr 11
I’ve had this snowflake.

Something so delicate,
pure and unique,
resting upon my open palm.

Such preciousness,
I’d never want
to lose it to the passing gale
or the spiteful sun.

So I held it in a clench.
And I’ve held it like that
ever since.

In my fist,
forever it will live.

Never again
will I hold it
in an open hand.

Because I’m afraid.
I’m afraid if I did,
then I would know,
for sure that it had gone.

That it had melted
by the warmth
of my grip
and slipped away quietly
through my fingers,
and into the night.
ryn Apr 13
             What fool
      would saunter
into the blazing      
               fires forged by
      his own raging

               What others
            would carelessly
call sheer          

I call love...            

ryn Apr 10
Two hearts fall...

Into each other;

Into the sun.

Both had loved,

and both would perish -

in two graves marked as one.
ryn Apr 11

ances p-
themselves at times most inopportune
• long-kept secrets  made known from
fists clenched loose..•the gavel in turn
fell a little too quick, too so-
on•the last piece to the puz-
zle granted as if it was boon•completi-
ng the picture... only to reveal a weary,
long s-

ryn Apr 8
It bears a secret,
so immense and heavy,
it’s worth a thousand keys.

And laden like a million treasures -
all locked in a lone chest.

To write of it,
To speak of it,
But a taste of it,
heavenly bliss.

So I bear its secret...
One that paints grandeur
and weighs a lifetime.
And it’s worth my every breath.
ryn Apr 6
They’d arrived in sheets
As thunder clapped up above
Explosions on earth
ryn Mar 29
tears that run like a raging river...
carving into the skin and flesh.
herald the birth -
a gorge that eats into my heart.

see its wound...
look past its depth
and acknowledge the damage -
a beautiful destruction
that only speaks of
the unforgiving nature
of such salt laden streams.

laments that echo cries
of unbridled pain and hurt.
yet soothing like a hymn -
a sung and hummed
profession of loaded promises
and careless whispers.

a hurt that has latched,
etched permanent
and dissatisfied onto the heart...
a pain that knows no peace
because it’s known
limitless love.
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