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Mathieu Jan 2022
"Validation, valediction
What's the difference now?
Eschew the standard
Turn the paradigm upside down
You could be happy, if you wanted to be
Don't feel obliged to live a life you never wanted to
The best way out is straight through
Let intuition guide you
You could be happy, if you wanted to be".
Hellions - Quality of Life
CJ M Mar 2016
I’m so ******* sick of them.
I’m so sick of the people who claim they love you telling them.
I’m so sick of accepting them. I’m tired of hearing them being told about me and me having no way to defend myself from them.

I just wish us truthful people would be able to grab them out of the air and stomp them out on the ground.
But if that could happen, I guess I’d be in jail for assaulting everyone whose claimed to love me.
**** em all. The only way I could possibly get away from all these liars is by withdrawing myself from society.

— The End —