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Was it just me?
Who fell for your misleading smile?
Was it just me?
Who gave meaning to your silly style?
Was it just me?
Who thought you are worthwhile?
I guess so.

Nicole Alexis Mar 2015
I don't know what happened but things between us didn't work out
All the things you said before, I now started to doubt.
Things began to fall apart
All of a sudden reality just slaps you really hard.

Our love story was magical
But now it slowly turned dull.
We both agreed to take things slow
But now you said your love for me can no longer grow.
You were my lover and all,
But you left me stranded and it made me feel so small.

What happened to us?
Was there even an us?
Yes, I have shortcomings in the way I have treated you.
But was that enough reason to leave me out of the blue?
It's so easy for you to leave me without any explanation nor goodbyes
If only you could see the pain through my eyes.
You gave me so many false hopes
And now I'm trying to unstrangle all these ropes.

I was trying to convince myself that you left me for a good reason
But then again I was wrong and now I've learned my lesson.
You replaced me instantly,
I was hurt badly.
There's nothing I can do
Because somehow I already knew.

It's like I couldn't breathe and do anything
But I am so blessed that there was a King.
My Heavenly Father picked me up when I was down on my knees.
I'm so tired of taking over the wheel so I gave Him the keys.
This is for the guy in my past.
I already accepted the fact that we're not meant for each other, it's almost a year but I've realized the pain was still there, that's why I wanted to release everything right now by expressing it through words.
Just so you know I'm finally letting go all of the pain and I'm moving forward in my life right now. You are no longer allowed to be on my journey to happiness and to be on the next chapters of my life. :)
Natalie Neo Oct 2014
You hide behind your soft facade
making me think you're

But you forgot actions speak louder than
They always do.

And you
Swinging by
Leading me on to

You're not getting to me this time round.

No dear,
Not anymore.

— The End —