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brandon nagley Jun 2016
Eftsoons the lumming, there shalt be
Bygone descendant's strumming.
Strumming string's,
Cleping the Almighty's name;
Yeshua ha'mashiach-
Jesus the king.
In white robes we'll dance
Pure air we'll breathe;
None need for shirt's nor pants,
None pain's of mortal being's.
None sadness to be brought inside
This place of glory, in the third heaven's sky's,
A place where thine eyne art dry,
A place of space where liberty shines.
A place with faces that never die,
Where there is no time-
Or way's of men.
Lover's, soulmates , Queen's, king's, friend's,
Guiding truth, where no river end's.
No place of pretend, no place of the lost,
All's found here, with ourn Savior's cost.
His cost of blood, upon that cross,
Upon that cross, where he was nailed;
Blood and water ran from his heart,
Gruesome detail's. Yet that's the love
He payed for us, mansion's now mine queen
Art awaiting us. So please just trust yeshua's
Holes, there in his hand's , thou wilt feel his soul.
Exploding into the cosmos, destroying death's own blow,
Don't be so worried mine queen, with him thou art whole.
Thou art the daughter of him mine love,
Just look to God O' dear God above,
When the evil forces try to shake ourn mind's
Hold mine hand, as Christ hold's mine;
Away we'll go, where the light doth shine,
O' the light doth shine, from his radiant face.

©Brandon Nagley
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( àgapi mou)
©Lonesome poet's poetry
Eftsoons - archaic word meaning ( soon after)
Lumming- heavy rain , this word was used early nineteen hundreds.
Bygone- belonging to  earlier time.
Clepe- to call or to name. Meant this as to ( call) like call ones name. Cleping- calling ones name.
Ourn - our.
Yeshua ha'mashiach means- Jesus the Messiah, as well amazingly Yeshua means- in hebrew salvation. S h
Thine- your.
Eyne- eyes archaic word.
Art- are.

— The End —