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m i a Feb 2016
Um, hey? Hi? Hello? Hola?
As you can see, i'm not really good at this conversation thing,
i mean, it's always been hard for me,
i could sing before i could talk,
hell i could even walk before i could talk,

i'm sorry if i avoid you a lot
and ignore you without thought,
it's just that i don't want to embarrass myself, in front of you
you're like a bookshelf, filled with different stories that i want to discover, but as soon as i see you,
i quickly hide and take cover.

Ah, love don't get me wrong,
trust me i want to explore the universes in your mind, and the galaxies in your eyes, and the lies in your smile, that can maybe stretch a mile,

i want to trace the canvas, your skin, with my fingers, the brush, and tell you to hush so i can hear your heart beat,

i want to watch the art in your heart, flow through your veins, it keeps me sane,

i want to be able to know every part of you, i wish you'd want to do the same to me too.

You probably do, but i'm just to nervous to introduce myself to such a beauty like you.
agh this is me like everytime i want to be friends with someone who seems really rad. except its not as love-y. <3

— The End —