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Expo 86' Sep 2015
I have given all i can give, people live like vultures taking all they can see, taking all parts of me, now i dont even have my voice to scream, or my legs to run, and still you want to take even what is nowhere in me, and even after all this **** happening around me, i weave for you a nice coat with my life
I don't think I thanked you for all you've done for me...
Or even given you a kiss, because you gave me life.
I don't think I've expressed it enough , that I love you more than you think I do..
I'm just too tired.
I'm too worn out , to even care anymore...
You said you'd change for the better , but things are only worse...
I don't know what's wrong with me , but something still hurts...
Nobody cares about me, so don't pretend you do.
You dismount everything I say or do.
It's either I'm disrespectful or I'm just completely dumb.
You want me to grow up and stop being a child , but you still treat me as one.
So , now I grown to resent.
Not you, but actually myself.
I've grown to hate I , me , myself.
So , I'm here to say , I hope one day you forgive me , and all that I put you through.
Maybe one of these days , you can look me and my face in say I told you...

— The End —