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A glistening, shimmering, cardinal room flushed with  light.
Bright, white, pale, ghostly light that reveals those I conjecture to be the sick.
A pounding, loud rhythm lulls any intellect I still grip.
A fierce, shallow, pained pulse shakes my blue streaks.
All words escape me.
Yet all emotions haunt me.
The sickness draws near, weilding to be a blurry brass.
It feels me, touches me, handles me.
Hurts me.
A once well-kept health now littered with purple smudges.
The violet raindrops on my skin slowly dissolve to a sickly yellow.
Bones inside my complex anatomy quiver, tremble, threaten to crumble.
Yet, it's all over in slight second.
The crimson, glowing, glittering, sentient walls seem to cave in.
The next level, the next trial.
Blurred brass now replaced with a stick with no stains.
By now, I have no guesstimate as to why the fight in me faded.
A gentle scrape, blade, cutting,cold edge slices me like paper.
Though my own rust spills, I feel more alive than ever.
My personal pulse and hesitant headache fade to null.
Hot, burning flames lap at my body.
I would never have imagined a sickness so horrifyingly painful.
A simple warning would never have stopped my doom.
Rip, tear, slash.
Guts held within my willing bowl now pour like Seppuku.
Maybe my own subconscious knew that it was more than I could connect too.
What am I now but a corpse?
Carved wood, turning death into a spectacular sight.
Roadkill, squashed within confines of a simple vermilion hold.
Bed head, Split head, and a  coma that came to soon.
A drugged animal, put down for instinctive behavior.
A gift switched around, like a fetus left dead in the ****.

This is a red room
Took me like 4 hours to write oops.
Woody Apr 2016
Some ride out fast
like a bullet
out of panic,
not the slow slide
into the cold
like the Titanic.

Some plan ahead
and shop for the best
price of a ticket with a
Tor guide of the deep web,
a dark duvet, a seconal
laced rest for their head.

I'll catch the bus
when it runs on my time
and not a second before
I'm ready to ride
that grey-hounding *****
to the end of the line.
Tor: The Onion Browser used by some to search the deep and dark webs for illegal drugs purchased to assist in painless suicide.
GaryL Jan 2016
somewhere out in cyberspace
there's a dark and hidden place
guns and drugs and twisted ways
and a picture of everyone's face

it's all there, and it's all free
there's stories about you and me
go a little deeper and you will see
pages of truth and misery
from Wikipedia - A darknet (or dark net) is an overlay network that can only be accessed with specific software, configurations, or authorization, often using non-standard communications protocols and ports. Use of darknets is motivated by hiding the content or even the existence of data and communication from competing business or government interests. The most widespread darknets are governmental and corporate intranets, the use of which is a standard security practice nowadays,[1] friend-to-friend[2] networks (usually used for file sharing with a peer-to-peer connection)[3] and privacy networks such as Tor.

It also contains a lot of info about people, illegal sites, and etc. It is said that the "surface web" is only 30% of the entire web.

— The End —