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İlayda Korkmaz Aug 2018
Take me to Vienna where the music walks.
Where the buildings invite you to sit,
And accompany them for a cup of melange.
Where the many palace gardens have jovial pique-niques,
With their bikes resting by the trees.

Take me to Vienna where life ebbs out
Where the past lives on,
And composers wave out the windows.

Take me to Klimt's golden city,
The city where even the grey Donau is welcoming.
Take me to Vienna and don't take me back.
Joel Hayward Apr 2016
Life, I stand on your bank’s edge, frightened of a
slip that might bring a struggle I could not win.
You flow by with no effort. I envy you.
You swirl as if some magic occurs within your darkest green
―  the colour of the elm’s fullness during twilight.
You flow forever, past. I have little to offer but
three silver coins and my hope that you will accept them
with my anguished prayers.
Let them sink through your swiftness to your stillness.
Let them join others’ gifts
to clothe your bed in a radiant coverlet you have earned.
Ruzica Matic Jun 2014
The Danube was moody that night
- stormy and loud and rowdy
like a happy old drunk

we walked side by side
and counted the stars
exploding in the sky

we were young
and we were new
and the air felt like fireworks

I wore a frilly skirt
and a silly smile

you wore your dinner jacket
with your grown-up tie

and we danced to the music
across the ripple river

while Belgrade woke up
all around us
with whispers and sighs

— The End —