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Anthony Perry Jan 2016
I am unsolved, I am a statue in mortality, my smile has had an impact on society but my life has never been absolved

All I wanted to do was entertain, but instead, someone betrayed me and let my blood fall like rain and with nothing to gain

Before and after, my eyes have always been open so while you figure out who's the killer wheather it was Rob, Ed, or that guy Hansen, I have to wait, invisible to the world and lost until then

I've been killed, tortured but you all just talk about which side they cut first or how my body tore, the name is Black Dahlia and that name has become a media *****

My smile has been smeared ear to ear, my body severed in half, my veins drained of every quart but I am still proud to say my name is Elizabeth Short
she wrote,
I breathed.
she does not care
she does not care
i listen to sad piano music
and imagine you kissing me
i miss you
you have been gone forever but i still manage to.
your blank eyes still stare back at me
in the mirror
i see you everywhere
Hollywood stole your soul,
and you are not going to get it back.
a bright wide smile,
stretched across the skin.
arms rise up like horns
legs spread open,
laying on the ground.
wednesday on fire
breathing gets harder,
you become colder.
if heaven is real, i hope you’re enjoying your stay,
and you forget how he just left you there.
black dahlia
black dahlia.
you are lost to them
decaying and rotting
they said you should’ve known better
as if you could’ve known,
you full of dreams and purity.
black dahlia
they see you everywhere,
a constant reminder
of what hollywood can do
to beautiful, innocent
girls like you.
based on the unsolved ****** of Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia"

— The End —