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Ariana Solo Oct 2020
I gambled my chances like in the Crystal Casino

Awaiting to become the new Marylin Monroe

Brimming with luxury, glamour and frills

A necropolis of slain dreams,
Beverly Hills

Emily Rene Oct 2017
She has a pretty smile,
That goes on for a while
Her teeth are really white,
Some might say what a sight
She is always quick to hug & kiss,
When she's away, I really miss
When I am hurt, she cares so much
She always has that special touch
She quit her job when I was a baby,
So she could play & watch me daily
Brownies, cookies, candy, & cakes,
My Nana really loves to bake
For her job, homes she cleans,
Her clients love her so much they scream!
There really is no test,
My Nana is the very best
I found an old poem I wrote in the second grade & couldn't help but light up at the younger days.
David W Clare Feb 2015
Big bragging girl lives in Beverly hills
her daddy is rich so she became a rich ***** with an itch for shopping

Hopping around in her new fancy car goes out at night to the lesbian bar

Her dad got mad when he got the bills
Her brother went nuts from eating her doctors pills

The mom ran away left All the laundry on the line got sick of it all
Got drunk each day got upset cause her son was gay

Keeping up with the Jones' look at our TV Ours is bigger than yours
We love the New I HATE YOU show
We have a ten car garage
suburban mirage

— The End —