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Poetic T Feb 2019
Like a swan on dark lagoons,
          she was flawless.

Gathering her steps between
                              the undulation
that clawed endlessly at the shores.

Still she whispered her impressions,
                 silhouettes that degraded
     every movement.

Blinding everything that gathered
                at the shores.
                Feeding the polluted grandeur,
that feed the embankment of sustenance.

She had the elegance of  death,
            captivating all within her

distorted softness..

And they all slept on the edge of

her sanity feeding the ripples that
                    washed over all that watched
                         her tainted perfection
grumpy thumb Sep 2015
Graceful quiescent
bronze ballerina
frozen liquid pirouette
rooted from toe-tip
flowing calf to thigh stem
stretch sublime.
Off-shoot extends
then bends
at knee
runs the shin to
soft ankle twist.
Toe to knee again.
Budding groin
torso flowering divine
unfolding to
delicate swan neck leaning
face in ecstasy
tilting up.
Petal arms reaching
slightly bowing
to tulip cup.
Finger tips
elegantly caress
the sky.

— The End —