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chichee May 2019
in another life, maybe i could have laced
your fingers in mine
chasing starlight down the line
and finding out we'd
never have enough time.

when summer ends, when hearts bloom-
you'll look at her,
i'll look at you.
trying out the lowercase aesthetic. oh, and unrequited pining of course.
DeAnn Nov 2017
we gotta learn to let go
of all the hardships and aching
we gotta learn to dream bigger
and think of a brighter waking

we gotta learn to play fast
keep up with the world around us
we gotta learn to fight back
or to not make a fuss

we gotta learn to endure
ignore the stares and shaking
we gotta learn to guard yourself
never let yourself start breaking

you gotta learn to let go
because if you don't, you will hurt so much more than if you attempted to hold on

— The End —