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I miss you a little bit every day.

You make me feel lovesick.

everything seems so cliché when you haven't felt it yet

i miss you
it ******* *****

but what hurts the most is knowing that you don't miss me anymore

calling would be pointless now

i'm never getting you back,
no matter how ******* much i want that.

it's not like these stupid poems are gonna help.

so here, because you still deserve it.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. For whatever I did to you.

i know it won't make things the way they used to be but i hope that it can at least be alright

i'm waiting for ya
A poem every day.
nick armbrister Mar 2019
309 Pilot
The Messerschmitt Me-309 was a stunning warplane
Originally it had seven guns but the pilot removed some
The 13mm heavy machine guns were lethal but not needed
He freed up four hundred pounds in weight
This left just three cannons and their ammo
Two 20mm and a single 30mm gun
The 20mms were in the wing roots and 30mm in the nose
It was enough to **** enemy bombers like B-17s and Lancasters
And the following B-29s and Lincolns which bombed Germany endlessly
He got ready for a mission and was confident of more kills
He was keen and aggressive and had the right tool for the job
A fast climbing high speed interceptor aircraft
Germany's finest piston engined fighter of the war
With a modified engine boosted for power
Nothing but an enemy jet was faster but very short ranged
With a smile he walked to his plane
Who would he **** today?

— The End —