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e goforth Oct 2016
the problem with falling in love with the girl
is that all you want is to be with her every second
but the universe has other plans for you
so those sweet midnight texts have to be enough sometimes

the problem with falling in love with the girl
is that loving her is exhilarating but terrifying
your whole life, heart, soul belongs to her
and forever won’t be long enough

the problem with falling in love with the girl
is that her smile is your favorite thing in the world
she doesn’t see the beauty that you do
but her face is the only one you ever want to see

the problem with falling in love with the girl
is that she consumes you
there is no measure of time that will be enough with her
your heart aches whenever you are apart

the problem with falling in love with the girl
is that she is your first and last thought of every day
she is always there by your side when you imagine your future
and your wedding day can’t come soon enough.
e goforth Aug 2016
I. i am in love with the hurricane of you
i fall asleep to the thought of your smile
and wake thinking of your eyes
i am rendered
by your beauty
my senses are full of you
and I could so easily be
by you.

II. i could spend all of my forevers
holding you tight
and tracing endless love letters
along the curve of your spine
i know the lines of
your face
like the back of my hand
the moon and stars are
compared to

III. knowing you is a privilege
i'm not sure how i earned
but i feel so
to hold
to kiss
and to love
e goforth May 2014
he is sharp angles
bony elbows
knobby knees
and ribs protruding fiercely from

honey blonde locks
plastered against his skull
and sweat
beads on a

he braces for the
nails growing
teeth sharpening
body contorting
flesh ripping away from bones.

thick ropey scars criss-cross
over his back
and you could swear
those were
bite marks
along his spine.

he will shake and shudder
teeth clenched
eyes shut tight
against the horrors
but no matter what you ask
he will not answer.

a worn sweater hangs loose
around narrow shoulders
and dark
circles stand out
against porcelain cheeks.

when the full moon comes
in all it’s horrific glory
he will touch
your cheek
and send you away
with a sigh.

wine-red blood seeps
from claw marks
on a slender limb
and he kisses your worries
even as he weeps.
This is a Harry Potter fanfic-poem, starring Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.
e goforth Feb 2014
when you next see me
look for the
nestled in my hair
silk petals tangling with
flaxen curls
and you will
that i have
forgiven you
i will trace
the moonbeams on the backs
of your hands
and if we kiss
(and we will)
i will keep my eyes
open wide
so i can
memorize your face
and tattoo
your love onto my
e goforth Feb 2014
she will cradle her head
in patchwork hands
and her
lips crack and out
spills words

tears trace peculiar
tracks down
porcelain cheekbones
that jut out
much too harshly
under the dying stars.

cold moonbeams
dance over her hips
light upon
the desperation
in her eyes.

invisible bruises are painted
onto her
and when she
you can almost see them.

a cigarette pressed to
dry cracking lips
will be all she wants
when she
is slowly

she will never
breathe a word of
the betrayal
she felt
when her own body

and when her skin is
you will press
trembling kisses to the
backs of her hands
and cry.
for a friend that lived far too dangerously and died too young because of it.
e goforth Jan 2014
she thrusts out her hand
reaches inside of me
and writes
an epic poem
on my ribs
scratching our love stories
into the bone
fingernails tearing
away until the marrow
can be seen
where she will
our romance
in inks of red and blue
she tears apart my
holds my heart in both
her hands
digs in green-painted
until the blood runs freely
and then
and only then will
be satisfied
with her handiwork.
e goforth Jan 2014
he is smirking lips

wine-scented breath

warm kisses stolen in an alley

inky curls

painter's hands clutching a



he is the Dionysus

of the barricade

paint-stained fingertips


smeared on the face of his



he is rain on a summer's


the iron tang of


absinthe puddled in a corner

and hope.
Grantaire-centric Les Miserable fanfiction.
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