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s Jan 2020
and up until the end, no one dared to go against the current.
  Dec 2019 s
I hope to feel it,

not just hear it,
but actually feel it,

when someone says
they love me.
s Dec 2019
She was a flower that lives only in winter. A flower that never saw the sun, a flower whose lived through the cold and dark. He, on the other hand, was the opposite- so warm and bright. One day, a strong wind caused their lives to intertwine and for the first time, she felt warmth. Every day, he would bring her the sun to make her forget the cold and dark, that she also forgot how she was a flower that lives only in winter. And so, she let him bring the sun to her- too close- that she died.
s Nov 2019
nights as cold as ice
enough to make the cat sneeze-
let him eat in peace!
s Sep 2019
what they say about love,
i'm starting to believe it's true—
how time slips fast through our lives,
but stops when i'm with you
s Sep 2019
love isn't deadly,
longing is.
5 word prose
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