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shi May 2019
Flowers bloomed that chilly night,
On our way back home,
under the moonlight,
The stories fill the open air,
We were laughing
like no one else is there,
I tried to keep my heart in check,
Beating fast,
it was going wreck,
But I know things won't stay this way,
And I know you're going
to leave someday.
Finally, I was able to make a decent poem. I've been doing haiku for the past years and forgotten how to compose even a short poem like this pfft
shi May 2019
a bath on the pool,
another one from my sweat -
summer has come
just dropping by!
shi Dec 2018
the sound
of rain outside -
the cat is back
cats will always be funny
shi Dec 2018
deck the halls -
my ice cream melts
before my tongue
it's really hot here in PH
shi Dec 2018
bird chimes -
let me go back to bed
and dream
shi Nov 2018
the calming
breeze of the wind -
but it stinks
wrote this when I was beside the pasig river
shi Nov 2018
strikes your face -
so dazzling
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