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May 2021
It's dark inside so he would never see
what they could truly be
He loved her that much is true but how to show her he never really knew
His venom for his past fueled his rage
He only wanted her when she was locked in his cage
She refused to give up or let it tear her apart
Now he'll never find a more devoted heart
He pushed her away and ***** her smile
Now he's left to his self destructive exile
She took her leave to salvage her life
Tho she'd have loved nothing more than to be his wife
He wont believe she could have been his dream
Now in his head is an endless  yet soundless scream
Why must he destroy all that he loves  most
Why do they all become a memory, a ghost
He knows deep down he is wrong
He should have held on all along
But his demons in side rule his mind
So he is cruel, unable to be kind
He lost the best thing to happen to him
Threw it all away on a stupid drunk whim
She wins in the end of it  after all
Losing someone who's heart is too **** small.
It hurts like hell but she won't shed a tear
Even though her arms ache for him to be near
He has done this to them with no real reason why
Never even had the audacity to explain or try
He foresaw failure before giving it a chance
But that's now all pomp and  circumstance
He wont talk to her nor say goodbye
Maybe one day she'll find her perfect way to fly
Stacy Mills
Written by
Stacy Mills  Michigan
   Thomas W Case
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