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Apr 11 · 58
Everyone else's shit
Stacy Mills Apr 11
I've come to the conclusion that once one learns how to love being alone with oneself they realize how much more peaceful **** is without everyone else's ****!
Apr 8 · 51
God's denied plan
Stacy Mills Apr 8
I seriously think that when I was bleeding to death quite literally, and before I had the hysterectomy to fix it. It was God finally giving me the death I've so longed for. However I let the doctors play God and stop me from dieing and now I have to endlessly suffer; surgery after surgery, trapped in my own body, unable to do anything for myself. Wishing I would have listened as he was giving me my one true wish.
Mar 19 · 36
Stacy Mills Mar 19
Honestly I ******* hate everything I feel like a useless lump that can't do anything for herself because the doctor say I am not allowed to so I'm a burden I can't even brush my own hair or shower myself or make my own **** bowl of cereal cuz a gallon is too heavy so honestly I can see it that I'm pushing everybody away and staying home alone a lot and doing nothing which isn't healthy for me I know but honestly I would rather push them away and let them have their happy than **** them into my depression
Mar 14 · 81
When I die
Stacy Mills Mar 14
When I die I don't want a funeral I don't want a memorial; maybe something for just my parents and my kids. the rest of the people out there in the world, I don't want them there I don't need them there. I realized after my surgery's when I was stuck home not allowed to do anything for months on end the only person that showed up and showed out was Nevaeh and even then I felt like **** for even having to ask her to be there for me because she's a teenager and she should be out doing teenager things not washing her mother's hair helping her get anything out of the cupboards helping her mother bathe basically do everything thing because i wasn't allowed to do anything myself. Did a single one of the people that called me friend come to help? no. My bestest friend of all time, was she there to even look me in the eye once? No. Did any single person that said they'd be there, even show up? No. Not a single one of them would help me in life there's no need for them to mourn me in death.
Jan 19 · 55
Stacy Mills Jan 19
When nothing else matters don't cry
when nothing else matters just hold your head high
because nothing else matters and no one can care
you know deep down no one will be there
you find yourself alone with no one to hold
and find yourself alone your tail can't be told
Your thinking that depression that will hold you deep
don't sit in that depression that will make you weep
zombie on and push yourself through
someday you'll find a world that is new
Mar 2022 · 302
Empty solitude
Stacy Mills Mar 2022
Where has my smile gone
Where has the light in my life faded to
Why do I feel so lost
Why do I feel so alone
I'm surrounded by people who tell me they love me
I'm surrounded by those who tell me they will be there for me
But when I reach for one of those people I grasp air
I reach
I miss
I slip
and I fail
My heart is braking
My brain is aching
And I am alone in solitude
Feb 2022 · 233
Stacy Mills Feb 2022
The loneliness is too much
The empty arms where overwhelming
The loss of her true love was too devastating
She didn't know how to cope
It hurt too **** much
But you couldn't see it
You where too blind
So you left her alone to suffer
Wishing you wanted her as much as she needed you
She sat alone with teas filled her eyes
You left her alone because you where too afraid to show her that you loved her just as much
You where too afraid to reach out and hold her close
You where to afraid to return the emotions she had no reservations lavishing upon you
You where too afraid to open your heart to the love she offered
So you lost her
You lost her because you let your fear rule
Too bad you couldn't show her how you truly felt
Too bad you constantly left her alone with her overthinking mind
Too bad you where alone with your fears.
Too bad she climbed the ladder while you stood there too afraid to move
Too bad you couldn't see how much she valued you above everyone else
Too bad you never lifted her up and helped her climb
In the long run you taught her that she doesn't need anyone
In the long run she learned that she can do it on her own
In the long run she taught you that her love will drag your dead weight with her as she climbs
Too bad you where unwilling to accept her pure love
In the end she showed you that despite your bullheadedness she will keep on keeping on and make it to the top where she belongs.
Despite your cowardice she won't stop until she reaches her goals
She is strong she is brave she is determined
she is looking at the future
she is unstoppable
You may have weighed her down and held her back but she will never give up
She is a fighter
She loves you so much
your dead weight only proves to make her stronger
She will make it with or without you sbut chooses to drag your sorry *** along with her to the top
She is that kind of girl.
You either accept it or let go
She won't hold on forever
Once she is gone you'll regret not lifting her up like she deserved
You know this to be truth
Yet you choose to look the other way and keep her in sadness
You choose to let her struggle instead of reaching out a helping hand
You choose to look at her tears and ignore them
You choose to block her out every chance you can
You'll learn
You'll see
You'll regret
But then it will be too late
She'll have moved on an risen higher than you could ever reach

My advice, look, see, listen ,help, share, communicate, lift, care, trust, cuddle, support, love and above all lift her higher than you ever have ever lifted anyone like she does you
You know she deserves it
You know she will make it without you if you Don't. She loves you and it will take the titanic to brake that kind of motivation. YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE.
Stacy Mills Nov 2021
I'm not in a ******* good place! What is wrong with me? Why do I chase the red flags like they hold the vile of life? Why am I attracted to the ones that hurt me even when that isn't their intentions? Why am I so ******* stupid?  Why do I keep trying? Why can't the higher power just take me already? Why do I always have to suffer? Why must there always be so much pain inside me? Can't I just be happy? Can't I just find my peace? I promised me I would stop running; but **** that's all I want to do! I want to run halfway into the trees and stop, just stop,  stop every single thing, stop moving, stop hurting, stop crying, stop  breathing, stop living, stop existing, just ******* stop all of it! Why to I have to keep trying and keep going and keep my head up? Why can't I just ******* stop?
May 2021 · 188
Shes got her
Stacy Mills May 2021
He got ****** she did shrooms the last time he dumped her.  That she took a road trip to see her son n how many stops she made on the way to see people who know how to be unconditional without involving *** n trivial nonsence... he was full of childish and dumb ****. He forses his imagination and pessimism to become reality by manifesting it in his actions until his self proclaimed predoomed assumption of failure becomes his self made truth. She doesn't understand why he chooses to live life in self pitty, jealousy, and rage. He doesn't see the diamond before  him for what she is worth; he just tosses her away as tho she was nothing more than a sand stone. She has no choice but to stand tall and move forward.  The walls around her heart get taller and thicker. She is done. She knows now that she is the only person she has in this world and no way in hell is she gunna give up on her. She is a godess with an immense heart n she's strong as they come. She's got this, she's got her, she doesn't need anyone else.
May 2021 · 205
Stacy Mills May 2021
It's dark inside so he would never see
what they could truly be
He loved her that much is true but how to show her he never really knew
His venom for his past fueled his rage
He only wanted her when she was locked in his cage
She refused to give up or let it tear her apart
Now he'll never find a more devoted heart
He pushed her away and ***** her smile
Now he's left to his self destructive exile
She took her leave to salvage her life
Tho she'd have loved nothing more than to be his wife
He wont believe she could have been his dream
Now in his head is an endless  yet soundless scream
Why must he destroy all that he loves  most
Why do they all become a memory, a ghost
He knows deep down he is wrong
He should have held on all along
But his demons in side rule his mind
So he is cruel, unable to be kind
He lost the best thing to happen to him
Threw it all away on a stupid drunk whim
She wins in the end of it  after all
Losing someone who's heart is too **** small.
It hurts like hell but she won't shed a tear
Even though her arms ache for him to be near
He has done this to them with no real reason why
Never even had the audacity to explain or try
He foresaw failure before giving it a chance
But that's now all pomp and  circumstance
He wont talk to her nor say goodbye
Maybe one day she'll find her perfect way to fly
Mar 2021 · 321
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I was drowning. I watched as you looked right at me, turned your back, and walked away. I died alittle right there!
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
You always here about how it takes a strong man to love a broken woman; but how about that strong woman loving that broken man, or when two broken people are strong enough to love each other. I believe the two broken ones will make it further because they can empathize what the other is going through and learn how to help heal each other together.
Mar 2021 · 1.9k
I died alone
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I died today all alone
I died today and no one cared
I died today everyone went on with their lives
I died today no one even noticed
I died today and everyone seems a little bit happier
I died today there's no heaven or hell
I died today and I'm just as alone as I was in life
Mar 2021 · 119
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
Why do I always feel betrayal by those I choose to love. Why must everyone lie to me. Why can I roll my car the way I did and survive. I want to ******* die. Am I already dead and in hell, is this my hell to keep trying n then fail time after time. Well **** that. I'm done trying. I give up. I'm just going to exist. I'd stop existing  except I fail at that every time I've tried.
Mar 2021 · 133
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I got in a car accident and my car rolled like 10 times. I only got a scraped knee n a few bruises. People say I'm lucky; I feel like I'd have been lucky if I'd have died. I don't want to exist
Feb 2021 · 128
Stacy Mills Feb 2021
When everything You touch seems to go to ****;
Jan 2021 · 112
My jack of hearts
Stacy Mills Jan 2021
Let start this all off real
Let be honest with how we feel
I can sit in a room with you for days
It seams we are connected in so many ways
I don't feel awkward or out of place
I just know I want you always within my space
It seams we fit together even with all our jagged parts
You are after all, my jack of hearts.
Nov 2020 · 100
Stacy Mills Nov 2020
I am allergic to the feels, they make my eyeballs leak
Aug 2020 · 174
Stacy Mills Aug 2020
Slowly rotting
Slowly dieing
The signs are there
No one looks
No one cares
I reach out
Get pushed away
Hold my mask
I'll die one day
No tears will be shed
No sorrow to be found
When I'm finally
6 feet under ground
Aug 2020 · 138
Why do I exist
Stacy Mills Aug 2020
I am just a phase
A temporary object in people's lives
I am option
No one's priority
If I'm that easily thrown away
why do I even exist
Jul 2020 · 100
What I hate most
Stacy Mills Jul 2020
I find that I keep running away, but what am I running away from? I hate myself, so maybe I'm trying to run away from myself, but wherever I go, there I am! How am I to get away from what I hate most, when I am what I hate most?
Nov 2019 · 125
Stacy Mills Nov 2019
Last night I had about 12 different dreams in 12 different ways of killing myself I'm not suicidal this set of Dreams disturbs me am I going to die am I going to **** myself I don't want to I don't know what's going on anymore
Sep 2019 · 137
A bit of realization
Stacy Mills Sep 2019
So I've been sick for the past 5 days and I was contagious so I sent my kids to my mother so that way they didn't get sick as well and I had a sort of epiphany. The Awakening that happens within each of us is different within each of us because each of our stories are different. Maybe we don't all go through the same hardships maybe we don't have the same views. But we are all human and we do have path destined for each of us to take on our own. People will come and go in our lives and that's the only thing that's constant is that nothing lasts forever. Cherish the things you have and learn from the things you lost, and never forget to be kind because without kindness this harsh world would be horrible for everyone. Do what you can be what you can and love when you can. Each of us has our own path we must take and maybe it's not the path you planned on taking but it's the one you were meant to go on and it's why you are where you are it's why you are who you are Never take for granted the ones that love you or the ones that hate you because each is a lesson and a blessing and even if they do hate you love them because it's not them personally that hate it's just the path that's meant for them.
Sep 2019 · 593
truth hurts
Stacy Mills Sep 2019
I said, "Love me or leave me!"
everyone left.
Aug 2019 · 12.0k
i wish
Stacy Mills Aug 2019
I wish I were prettier
I wish I were younger
I wish I were smarter
I wish I was skinnier
I wish I did not have to love with all my heart
I wish someone would love me back
I wish that person would want to keep me and not just use me
I wish I could mean so much to someone
I wish I wasn't alone so **** much
Jul 2019 · 155
Stacy Mills Jul 2019
I am empty. I'm Hollow. you dumped me because it could not have children; so I end up pregnant and have to **** it otherwise I would die. I feel like I took from you what you deserve. no matter what I'm in love you. I need to stay away, but I can't, and I don't know how. I miss you and it hurts. I'm just so ******* empty!
Jul 2019 · 398
I'm sorry I'm never enough
Stacy Mills Jul 2019
I'm sorry I'm never enough
Jun 2019 · 152
Stacy Mills Jun 2019
I enter a relationship giving my all and i fail every time
each ending I write an emotional cleansing rhyme
but the blow to the chest keeps getting  less and less
because i know im ok and my lifes not such a mess
it's not that i need anyone cuz I got all my **** covered
but with each relationship something new is discovered
i learn more about myself and who I am
so i can take that hit and still stand after the slam
i just wonder if ill continue to always care
or if my heart will even be there.
I do know that I will always continue to be me
So I guess ill just have to wait n see
May 2019 · 159
i already know
Stacy Mills May 2019
i know you don't love me.
i know you want her back.
i know you beg her to come home.
why do you straggle me along?
why do you pretend to want me?
why do you do things that make me want to love you?
im stuffing my tears.
i want to scream tho I stay silent.
i know we r terminal.
there is nothing I can do.
so i guess i must prepare.
im not gunna fall this time.
I'm ready. .
I've seen it comming.
Apr 2019 · 171
Stacy Mills Apr 2019
All life is, is one choice after another. it's the choices that we make that put us where we are. nobody else has any effect on that .it's all ourselves doing everything that we do to ourselves. if we're in pain because we put ourselves there. you just have to consciously think about what you're doing before you do it; and how it would affect yourself and others, because ... Karma... and eventually after you consciously start making better choices for yourself and others, better things will start happening to you.
Apr 2019 · 130
Him and I (revised)
Stacy Mills Apr 2019
he's **** as hell and ***** like a Norse God.
he's sweet and kind he's hard and blunt
he's fire and ice he's passion and poison
he's patient he's fair he's selfish and cruel
he's a one of a kind an ******* for sure
but he's not mine and i dont want him to be
I'd rather be free to just be me.
Apr 2019 · 149
Him and I
Stacy Mills Apr 2019
he's **** as hell and ***** like a Norse God.
he's sweet and kind but also hard and blunt
he's fire and ice hes passion and poison
he's patient hes fair hes selfish and cruel
it hurt but its done and i can say I saw it coming
i let it happen cuz he is someone worth keeping
but aparently I'm not in any way shape or form
im just a toy to be used and discarded
or so they think
it hurts and i bleed and i yearn and i need
but ill walk away head held tall
a new lesson learned and a new path to take
i know my direction so here I go I'm on my way!
Mar 2019 · 199
Stacy Mills Mar 2019
Dec 2018 · 160
Not yet named
Stacy Mills Dec 2018
I used to say that I was blessed in life but not love
thought I'd never get to let my heart flutter like a dove
free to fly and go where I please.
not begging and pleading upon my knees
thought those only feelings I could wish to be
I used to think those weren't meant for me
and then along you came  walking into my life
making that one less pain and one less strife
I'm not trying to be anyting for you
I'm not making myself into someone new
I just do as I do and be who I am
and if no one likes it I don't give a ****
Ironically who I am and you are who you are
we seem to be completely at par
i feel that flutter of that dove
I am lucky in life But unlucky in love
words seem unfit now to be said
things seem right in my heart and my head
I am lucky in love and I am lucky in life
I'm completely at ease I feel nothing no rife
I finally feel relaxed I finally feel whole
as finally with happy tunes I can fill this scroll
I haven't named this poem yet I asked the poetry group I admin if they had any ideas. I'd like to see what they come up with
Nov 2018 · 199
Heart Truth
Stacy Mills Nov 2018
A heart can't love without chancing it broken
Truer words have never been spoken
A heart can't mend unless someone else holds it dear
A heart is not happy if it is full of fear
A heart can't break if you let no one in
But not following your heart I believe is the worst of all sin,
Nov 2018 · 201
Mom, let me in
Stacy Mills Nov 2018
You're just so very bitter
Life happened to you and made you that way
I'm sorry for your sufferings
They shouldn't have been yours
You refuse to love in order to protect yourself from more hurt
You refuse to let anyone in
It wasn't your fault all that you had to endure
But should you make others suffer to protect yourself
Do you want to be alone
I don't think you do
I don't think you know any other way
I feel sorry for you
I love you more than life
You are my mother you gave me life
yet you don't seem to want to be part of it
You're so lonely
you just don't know how to not push people away
A heart cannot love unless you chance it to be broken
A broken heart can't mend unless you let someone hold it
You don't have to be strong
It is okay to cry
It is okay to be human
It is okay to feel things
It is okay to talk to people about all of this
You are loved
You are important
You are my mother
You are bitter
You don't have to be
But even though you are
You are loved
And you are important
You are strong
You can let down your mask
you can let down your Shield
You gave me life
I want to help you smile in yours
I wish I could be more for you then I am
I do not know how to be
You never let anyone in!
I hope someday you got to read this Mom though I doubt you over will. You've always hated my works!
Sep 2018 · 190
Never gunna keep me down
Stacy Mills Sep 2018
one step forward
two steps back
two steps forward
fall on my ***
stand back up
splat face first in the dirt
jump back up big ole grin
keep knocking me down
I'll still win
Stacy Mills Aug 2018
Things i want to say to you but i hold back.
And the toughts dont give me any slack
One thought one emotion rules till the end
I must forever and always remain your friend
But those demons at the back of my brain
Those are monsters i juat cant train
I ignore them always as best i can
But deep deep down i wish you could be my man
I know your getting married and i wont stand in your way
Just know ill be here for you any and every day
Stacy Mills Jun 2018
How many of you can say that sadly you have written another poem? I can. I can say almost every time, that sadly I have written another poem. Most my poems are dark and sad. Obviously I can't write poems about a happy ending that never happened, and I don't believe ever will; but I do wright everytime I'm sad, every time I'm suicidal, every time I have an overwhelming emotional overload! It gets me through. It keeps me alive. Sometimes I still have to cut just to know that I can feel, but most of the time my poetry helps me. My poetry gets me through. My poetry lets me breathe. My poetry is my release from all that garbage in my brain that doesn't need to be there; because I know better, I just can't help it. It happens. I'm human. So thank you to all of you that read my stuff. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being an ear when I really don't have any here. I know my stuff is depressing, I can't help that. Just know that because I wright and because you listen, I am alive, and thank you, thank you all from the deepest depths of my existence, thank you!
Jun 2018 · 177
My Heart Is Just Not There
Stacy Mills Jun 2018
I go to sleep alone in my empty bed again. If cuddling kills depression then why don't I have someone to cuddle? Everyone says it's cuz I'm not marriage material; hell my mom even told me that. I don't want to sleep alone anymore! I want to cuddle and I want to **** my depression, but sadly I do not see an end to my misery. I'tll always be just being me at night; and the occasional stray that gets to stay the night because I needed to play, never anything permanent and that darkens my heart. I have my children and my parents and everything I could ever want or need except someone to cuddle. My empty arms never being able to wrap around someone, the same someone every day and night. I feel like an empty shell. "You're so beautiful why are you single?", they say. My response is, "I don't know nobody wants to keep me I guess!". I'm meant just to throw away. The luckiest person on the planet and I believe the price I pay for that luck is lack of love. Two men two men have my heart and neither of them want me except for just a ****. What is my worth in this life? Where is my joy? Am I doing enough? How can I do more? I just don't even know anymore; the worst part is, I'm starting to not care, I mostly don't care, I think I'm done caring! My heart is just not there!
May 2018 · 212
Stacy Mills May 2018
I hate this house
I hate this town
I am very blessed  to have all I do
But honestly I hate that too.
Seems like everything that I've needed has somehow just fallen into my lap with ease, except love; that dies in my arms!
Apr 2018 · 232
A better human.
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
I keep searching for solidarity, for stability, for something real, no more games. I keep searching for a connection with another human; I can't even do that with my own parents. guess you could say that when I'm looking for something solid I can only find Jello. I want to mean so much to someone. I want to feel like I mean so much to someone, and believe, know, have 0 doubts and not be let down nor disappointed! are my standards too high? I just don't know anymore; I sit in my bedroom and I talk to myself because I feel like I have no one; but I feel like I'm blessed at the same time because I've never had need or want for anything because somehow it always falls in my lap without me even trying. I still feel empty, I still feel alone. I wake up in the morning wanting arms to be around me but alone I role over only to see a brown wooded wall. alone in my empty bed. Alone surrounded by people that I love and that love me but yet I'm still alone. no one to connect with. no one I can call when I have problems.  myself. I can't talk to my kids about it because they don't need my issues. they've got their own issues just with growing up. I remember that age. it's hard. I don't want to put more on them than I have to being; a tough loving momma. I can't talk to my mother because I speak poetically and she doesn't get it, and she doesn't really want to. I don't know why I can't talk to my daddy. I guess I've never really tried. I guess I feel like he's always thought of me as a little princess and I don't want to do any wrong in his eyes. I want to be a perfect princess for him; and I do well, I doa I have a 5 bedroom house, I pay all the bills and keep a roof over my kid's head, I keep them fed, I have a car, I have a driver's license, it's all legal, I have a job. I'm doing the daily things that make me, I guess, an American blooded human being (I ******* hate human beings  that make living here feel like solitude. Andy  my relationships,  that I it's a joke. I'm bound to be alone forever. not that I need a man. I just want one. I Miss having arms around me. I miss having that person you tell everything to. I miss everything about having that one person that you connect with, that one person that makes you feel whole and not so alone this world because it is huge. when you're you're living it alone, doing everything on your own, you get tired; and I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm beginning to look at things around me and say, "what's the point? What actually am I doing here? what kind of impact am I making here?" And I don't see it. I love and I know I'm loved, but I also know I have no one; I want to say my girls but they'd rather play with their friends. I get it I did at that age too. I know one day /I hope one day that they'll become closer to me than I am with my mom. I want to be their everything.  I always feel like I'm never doing enough.  they make me feel like I'm not doing enough. I wish you could teach them gratitude. I wish I knew how to teach them gratitude. I wish I was a better human!
This isn't a poem. I had some stuff on my mind I just had to get off my chest.
Apr 2018 · 188
What was i thinking
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
I want to write a poem to explain how I feel
But I've so many already its unreal
You broke my heart, nothing new
Why did I let myself fall for you
You didn't seam care when I said I was done
I was really hoping that you where the one
Again I was wrong n let my heart get away
Maybe I'll learn not to one day
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
I chose you
I had a few choices
But I chose you
I could have chose one of the others
But I chose you
I didn't need you
I wanted you
You hurt me
You have taken me for granted
I've been broken enough
I don't put up with it
I should be treated as a priceless artifact
Not avoided and overlooked
If I'm not what you want then tell me
That way we can both move on
Don't play games
My heart doesn't deserve that
I put my all into us
You decided I wasn't worth yours
I fell back into my old pain relieving habit
But those crimson pearls ease my pain.
Apr 2018 · 193
I am a Gemini
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
A Gemini is needy
They need to know you care
They need you to be right there
They need to hear those words every day
They need to know you feel what you say
They need to feel your loving touch
They need to know you feel just as much
They need to feel encouragement
They need to know exactly what's meant
They need someone to always be there
So within their life they can share
Are you the one for a Gemini
Are you the one whom can make her fly
Feb 2018 · 170
Much too much
Stacy Mills Feb 2018
The depression has ahold of me today. Most it's ever lasted was a week n I don't think it's that bad this time I just feel ..... Blah.... Alone.... Taken for granted.... Idk... Emotional.... Contradictory; I wanna be left alone but I don't want to be alone. I wanna scream but don't want to talk. I feel betrayed with no evidence to say I was. I don't know, I think I feel too much too much ya know!
Feb 2018 · 178
You don't get it
Stacy Mills Feb 2018
I don't think you get it I don't think you know
How these feelings inside of me go
I'll give you my all n chance my heart to be broken
But your feelings must also be spoken
But you don't n you keep them all locked away
I wish you would just speak what it is you have to say
Feb 2018 · 207
I am a Gemini
Stacy Mills Feb 2018
A Gemini is needy
And can be quite greedy
They need to know you care
They need you to be right there
They need to hear those words every day
They need to know you feel what you say
They need to feel your loving touch
They need to know you feel just as much
They need to feel encouragement
They need to know exactly what's meant
They need someone to always be there
So within their life they can share
Are you the one for a Gemini
Are you the one whom can make her fly
Feb 2018 · 171
Mine alone
Stacy Mills Feb 2018
I slept most the day missing you
I cried cuz I didn't know what else to do
Love hurts n I wanted no part
But you came along and stole my heart
I feel like the feeling r not returned
And another time I shall be burned
But I put my heart on my sleeve for all to see
And it seams no one cares what's going on with me
If I never messaged anyone would I still get to converse
I don't think so I'm alone in the universe
I love too hard n give too much
But I'm just something no one wants to touch
I told you I loved you and held open that door
But you couldn't return it so I was left on the floor
Why can't I feel love like normal n start to fly
Why do none give me that high
For now I am going back to sleep
I guess my love is mine alone to keep
Feb 2018 · 533
To him
Stacy Mills Feb 2018
I put my heart in a box and gave it to you
It is yours now and with it u choose what to do
I know I jumped in probably too fast
And these feelings they may not last
But hearts can't love with out chancing it broken
So take my love as a good luck token
Because within your arms I feel safe and surrounded
Even though the feelings came so fast I was confounded
I couldn't help but to speak my mind
And you took my words and handled them so kind
So to you I've one last thing to say
I love you and have a wonderful day
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