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I figure you and nature
Must have something going on
Otherwise why would I hear your voice
Each time that the wind blows

Or see your lovely face
In puddles the rain makes
With your form in every shadow
As the day grows late

And those midnight rendezvous
Where I spend time with the moon
Knowing that as I do
He's keeping an eye on you

That's why I figure you and nature
Must have something going on the side
Because no matter where I eat, sleep, and breath
You are always on my mind
I was at the dance tonight,
our eyes met across the room
shoulders brushing
people passing
unknowing of my love for you.

You look past me into the crowd of people
you smile as you meet her eye
my heart sinks, that genuine smile
pulls at my bones.

The love we used to have you've forgotten,
I carry it in my caged soul [I carry it in my heart]
Burning, blazing, stars are falling
my universe is calling
for you, but you turn your head and
speak with your new lover.

If clouds could call
and mountains tall
would fall into the sea
my heart would see
that finally,
I was no good for you at all.
touched by your weakness,
flattered by the nature
love is a weapon, but
use it with caution.

your fire is deadly, yet so is water
I'm drowning in tide waves
crashing to the surface

hands on heart, falling, teardrops burn
like ashes on a fresh wound
the battle isn't over for the weakest
but even the strong are facing the madness

I've battled for you until my eyes said enough
my heart was an ocean for your broken promises
I won't ask for another chance at the happy
that ship has already sailed.
more to follow.
Clouding perceptions...
your clear and good actions, white-
against hearts of spades
Feelings are fleeting
The highest ones die quickest
smiles die at dusk
Reflections from far                                                        Fog mingles with hill
the hill rises from the sea...                                  lake rests in her deep crater
geometric form                                                         suns set and moons rise....
The unconscious deed
can creep up on the soul, so
*monitor the mind
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