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Luna Quinn Sep 2018
fatal kisses,
& ego trips.

holding hands,
but cutting ties.

longing for control,
yet, with hungry eyes.

insatiable thirst,
for breaking hearts.
Luna Quinn May 2016
there's no greater feeling than love
if only it wasn't so unrequited.
Luna Quinn May 2016
I'm *******, squared, almost times a hundred,
not over you, but I am trying to make the best of it,
don't hate me for it, I'll adore you until my last breath.

friends at the start, hugged my computer a thousand times,
I wrote you a million poems for the remainder of our time,
never wanted to fall, but I crumbled from your voice,
simply can't deny this, it was the ultimate kind of love.

if you bit into my heart, I'd take your poison willingly,
I think so fondly of you, I just wish that you could love me too.
you're the love of my life and I will always love you.
Luna Quinn May 2016
it's not of the physical,
more of the body language
fingers through hair, heart to heart,
resuscitation of love.

attached are the features we crave
to know skin-deep,
from the morning eyes
to darkest clouds
upon us.

I found what I sought to
go beyond for,
all in the hands of
my beloved.
Luna Quinn May 2016
your empty eyes tell me to be-
cautious in currently present time,
I feel your pain and it's mine too,
broken mind and darkened soul,
would give my heart to save yours.
Luna Quinn May 2016
I have mastered the art of the unrequited.
flowers inside me blossom at the sound of you,

I hear the echo of footsteps inside my heart
and how beautifully tragic it sounds,

how it beats for the ghost in
my aching heart.
romanticizing the hell out of pain. I write deeper that way.
Luna Quinn Apr 2016
Desire runs in constellation for you,
like the stars explore the galaxy.
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