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Sophia Paloma Jul 2014
I can see the sadness in your eyes. I can hear your tired voice whispering to me that you still love me and the way we used to be. Our summer memories no longer fill me with happiness. I slowly change with the golden leaves in fall as they turn brown. Don't try to hold on to me. You will only remember my worried face. I'll be gone like the beautiful flowers that disappear in the winter and our love will be gone too.
This is about my breakup with my bestfriend and how depression took over me.
Sophia Paloma Apr 2014
Someday we will find it. It could be days, weeks, months, or years from now. I will see the twinkle in your eyes and the excitement  radiating from your body. We will both be happy. Our minds will be content. We will have so many memories: riding colorful bikes around big, busy cities, eating icecream cones in the park, taking pictures of everything, going to concerts and singing our hearts out, traveling the world just so we can spend time together. Millions of laughs, millions of smiles. All the little things that really create who we are. Those times when I would tell you "things will get better", "we will be happy". It will all come clear, we have each other. I will look at you and say "we finally found it", but it has been with us all along, our friendship.
Sophia Paloma Apr 2014
She was never one for adventure. Beautiful face, lovely personality, good grades in school. The "perfect" life. The stern parents never allowed for mischief in their daughter, but her head was so full of knowledge. Little did they know that she was bursting with joy. She wanted to travel, to search for magical places to run and be free. She wished to visit places that she had only read about in books. She longed for exploration. She had been waiting her whole life to find a purpose. It has struck her. The creativity is exploding inside her. She is lost in her mind.

— The End —