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if things would stay the same
that would be great

but that's not
the way things are
we've all nursed a broken heart

or two
it's part of the human existence
gotta learn to live with it
  Nov 2020 NotYourMoon
i don't want to
kiss your lips anymore

those lips
were capable of goodbye
you were the one thing
i knew

the one thing i trusted

we're talking again
as if things are normal

but we're broken
and we'll never be the same
  Nov 2020 NotYourMoon
Hank Love
Where others were,
I was not present.
While others spake,
I was silent.

As others were,
I was not.
And what others saw,
I could not bring myself to see.

At what age others were,
I remained a child.
And the things they so heard,
I had covered my ears.

While others loved,
And had shared love
With one another,
I loved alone.
  Nov 2020 NotYourMoon
Rosie Toes
to learn to
enjoy the unknown
rather than to
fear it
next, reality
  Jun 2020 NotYourMoon
people change everyday
so i vow to fall in love with you
every time the sun rises

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