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23/F/Wonderland    Letters for my little ocean
22    I write to ease my anguished heart, and put out the fire of my mind.
Wandering and wondering, around and about.
fray narte
23/F/Philippines    transition and transcend
kenny Diamond
NY    A heart of gold My thoughts so deep and complex a vibe master words that tore my heart apart A lost coconut looking for his ...
Simon Fernandes
24/M/Bangalore    I am sort of a snowflake
Rachel Ace
26/F/Valencia/Spain    My biography is like poetry.
somewhere in jersey    a brain with a body that has struggled connecting with it's soul.
Tyler Frisbie
18/New Jersey    Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Bad shit happens and life brings new opportunities
Illumination Workshop
Kaila Sullivan
Arizona    Lost in thought Just a daydreamer Never caught
hazem al jaber
55/M/Jordan    welcome to my poem`s world it`s me and i write only what i feel i just write my feelings to breathe a new happiness with ...
wolf boy
safe haven    " Here’s to the girls with sly eyes , wild hair and intoxicating thoughts. You will fall in love and find your handprints wrapped around ...
23/M/india    Inevitable
26/F/U.S. MI    ♡♡Kaley♡♡ °•☆Music ☆•° I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior, I love writing poetry and making new friends. ☕✝️💯 If you'd like to discuss ...
Shannon Lee Rohn
38/F/Barstow, California   
21/M/Long Island    time will tell
F/Choctaw Nation    "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." ~J.K. Rowling
I am a member of the Church of Love – our temple is in every heart. Thank you for reading! May the infinite love of ...
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