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emzee May 11
Lets talk about the feelings..
We should talk about the feelings..
Is that LOVE . Is it ?

Lets talk about the feelings
Which is less predictable
All day along we are seeing
The bond that Indestructible

Lets talk about the feelings
That no Book of love mentioned
Which always keep going
Until it got that strengthened

Lets talk about the feelings
No money in the world can buy
That stays by side irritating
No matter that they said Bye

Lets talk about the feelings
Which all those who out there have
Heart by heart holding .
Friends. They won’t leave
emzee May 8
I heard nobody in the universe..
Claiming anything that hurts..
More than the labour pain…
Ever heard her complaining ?

How many times you kicked
Even from the womb..
Hurts her with your temper
Ever heard her complaining ?

You always blamed her for
The best sustenance..
Which is way more for you apetite.
Ever heard her complaing ?

Everytime you fall in that cage
That you digged by own mistake.
She let hurt herself to hold your hand
Ever heard her complaing ?

You will stand your own
You will live your life
You will see your success

Remember who hold your hand
Remember who gave you the Beautiful life
Remember who stood for you at your worst

I heard nobody in this universe
Heard a mothers complaint.
Cause she really cares ♥️
Happy mothers day
  Aug 2018 emzee
city of flips
men and their egos (I turned twenty this summer) are

they admit “guess you were right”
believing that will make them heroes,
by full on confessing they are *******

I turned twenty in the summer

my tan legs in cutoffs (it’s summer) drives them to madness,
accused, you are pitiless, for their dreams of you involve ransom  
still, you
search and quiet plead like Abraham, to the heated air,
while listening to Whitney Houston and Ed Sheeran,
(on your earbuds just so nobody knows your weakness)
for just that one good man in the township of
***** and Gomorrah

my mother bitter sneers good luck with that,
forgetting I am now twenty years
so old, so advanced,
that my hopes and aspirations are no longer those
the ones in my high school yearbook

my poetry fills pages,
a human urban renewal,
laying out a city of hope

recalling that ***** and Gemorrah were destroyed
emzee Aug 2018
It's my heart,
Which made her morning so soccery

It's my eyes
Which she afraid most...her sins are so hidden

It's my ears
Which trust her words not obviously

It's my hand ,
,hold her tightly,even don't knowing she need a rescue
It's my face

That she feds up ...but I didn't know that

It's me
Recently victims the silent betrayal
Lol but somewhat serious
emzee Mar 2018
There is no one path
That make the fate
When the mind choose that
Which make us sat
Long Nd long Nd long

Every time,,,see that choices
Which bear the poison
There the mind adopt
The worst which fed up

That make him to the hell

Variations.. strength
emzee Nov 2017
its not her who beared me...
for 10 months....

its not her who bear the pain..
which i gave when im to earth..

its not her who feed me...
when im hungry....

its only her who look after me...
since im 1 year old...

its only her who care about me...
Even in my worst time

its only her who cries...
when im hurt...

it will be only her...
who stay with me ....
upto she smells the earth..

emzee Nov 2017
i love to be sick
i love to be admitted
i love to injected
i love to have the medicine
But i hate to consult a doctor..

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