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emzee Apr 12
I have seen,
sun brings the dawn
So do moon shine the night.
Though sun set down
So do moon gets out of sight.

She brought the dawn,
Thus she been the sun.
She shine the night,
Thus she been the moon.

Never seen her set down,
Never seen her gets out of the sight.

Thus she been Syzygy of my life.
Im may not be the perfect. But Im trying my best to keep you in my arms chikka. I love you for a reason. The reason that Iam pretty sure that you are the one who will hold my hand to good. You are the one who will catch my tears. I wish I could tell you how much I love you chikka. But the comaparison is something that I promised you,that Ill never use again. It always brings tears in your eyes. But Im gonna say it out of loud. Ill take a bullet for you chikka.  I Love you chikka🤍
emzee Mar 25
You have no idea that how much i love you.
You have no idea how much i miss you.
Like I feel like im not giving you much,
Still you give me the best.

I love you . The love of my life.
See , nobody could take you away.
Me who never asked much.
But you who gave your best🤍.

Give me another life to pay you back.
Yet you will be on top of that.

No matter, if the world is against me.i know you will be my side.

I love you shaika.🤍
emzee Jan 19
Are you the one who lose?.
Its the return for what you chose.

The one who got no eyes,
They cant see for a reason.
Then you got two eyes,
Still cant see, whats the reason.

He who got no ears,
How soulful around,he cant hear.
When you got those ears,
Pathetic it is that you WONT hear.

You lose for what you chose,
Open your eyes,
Widen your ears,
See the world.
Hear around.

Thats how you win the chaos.
emzee Dec 2023
Where did you found love?
Love kept you down the road.
Its getting late.
Why dont you go up the hill.
Its no time to hide and seek.

Once you unload the emotion,
You will get what you seek,
Or you will be free forever.

Free from the wait.
Waiting for what,?
The two letters which may hurt,
But the three letters which you dreamed of.

If you think the three letters need more wait.
Why don’t you wait to change the two letters to three.

Go Romeo , get your love .
Whats holding you back.?
emzee Nov 2023
Ever searched for treasures?.
That have an infinite value,
Thats all above what can measured.

Some treasures cant be found.
Some cant be owned.

What in our life which is outnumbered,
Those treasures who appeared.
Those who lives in our core unrequested.
Those FRIENDS who never disappeared.

I named them
The Living Treasures🤌🏻
emzee Nov 2023
None of your past will define your future.
None of your enemies will stay same.
None of your good deeds will justify your fault.

Nothing is permenent.
Rewrite the life ahead.
emzee Sep 2023
Been long in this Rat race.
Seen worse, I couldn’t face.
Keen you searched for the lost….

Was never far
Was never lost
You searched what in front.
You forget what left in back.

Someone said” Turn back”.

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