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emzee 2d


തിരകൾ ഞാൻ താണ്ടീടവേ....
അവരില്ല ആലയമുള്ളിൽ
ഇനിയില്ല ആശ്രിതനെന്നിൽ
അവരില്ല ഇഹമിതിനുള്ളിൽ
ഇനിയുണ്ടോ ആശ്രയമെന്നിൽ

ഉരുകുമ്പോൾ തണലേക്കാൻ
ഇടറുമ്പോൾ കരമേക്കാൻ
പ്രിയരേ ഇനി ഓർക്കാനായി
മനമതിലോ നോവലേ
ഒരു നോക്കോ കാണാനായ്
വിധിയില്ലാ മനമായി
റബ്ബേ നീ കനിയില്ലേ
പ്രിയരോടായ് ഓതീടാൻ
ഖൽബിൽ അവർ അണയാനായ്....

തേടി ഞാനിതീ മണ്ണിൽ
ചുവടെല്ലാം ഇടറുന്നീ മരുഭൂവിൽ
വെയിലായി, നിഴലായി, മണ്ണലായി
മഴയായി, കുളിരായി, തണലായി

കാതോരം വന്നു പ്രിയരെനിലണ്ണഞ്ഞു
അകതാരിൽ വന്നു  അതിർപ്പങ്ങൾ ചൊന്നു

അവർ പോകേ തണലാറീ,
തണലാറീ വെയിൽ പാക്കി,
പോരൂ പ്രിയരേ ഖൽബണ്ണയൂ പ്രിയരേ

ഉരുകുമ്പോൾ തണലേക്കാൻ
ഇടറുമ്പോൾ കരമേക്കാൻ
പ്രിയരേ ഇനി ഓർക്കുമ്പോൾ
നോവെല്ലാം മായ്‌കാനായി
ഒരു നോക്കോ കാണുമ്പോൾ
മനമതിലോ മുഹബത്തായ്
റബ്ബേ നീ കനിയില്ലേ
പ്രിയരോടായ് ചൊന്നീടാൻ
ഖൽബിൽ നിനകാലല്ലേ....
emzee Feb 13
Ooh girlll..
You stole my heart.
You made it melt.
So , keep it safe,
Cause its you in it.🫶🏻🫀

It beats when i think about you,
Yeah it beats all the time.
The day I stop thinking about you,
It will be end of my time.

I never feel like broken,
Cause its you inside.
Who can heal me, hold me,
You never Gonna let me fall.

How can i stop loving you,
Cause i wake up thinking about you,
I go to sleep thinking about you,
I push my all day thinking about you.

How can i stop loving you,
How can i stop thinking about you,
If you are gonna leave,take that heart with you.
Cause i dont want anyone to be in there.

Its you , only you❤️🌍
emzee Feb 11
Where did i found her?…..
It was dark over there,
Really dark that I couldnt see forward.
I stuck over there for days, months, years…….

I became the darker, than the dark.
I lost the hope at some point.
What can i do..??
i cant be the light for myself..

Where did i found her ???)
It was that place more deeper .
Which I accidently reached.
I found that little light

When i reached out there,
I saw her. She shine like a star.
Moon i would say. Yeah moon.
She is there far more than me.

I wonder why dont she use that light of her,
To get out from this pit.
No she dont want to.
Luckily i found her.

I hold her hand,
I told her . I need help, i need you.
She asked: what if I leave her when im out?
                    What if I Ieave her outside.?

What can i say. How can i leave her. She doesnt know that im gonna hold her forever. Outside the pit. The places with dark . Hand to hand we will survive. She will know how bright she shine. Ill tell the world how big she is. If this world dont deserve her. Ill take her to the next universe. Where she will live like a queen.. she is a queen.❤️‍🩹

The moon is beautiful. Isn’t it.
emzee Feb 4
Luckily I found you ,
Here we have eachother.🌍
Far away in another world,🌏
Iam still searching for you.🥺

I wish i could help him.
I tried. I sent him help.
“Your heart will beat faster ,💓
When she is around”, I said.

“You will feel the bliss✨
When she Pass by.👩🏻
Try even more
You’ll find her”.🫶🏻

In this infinite universe…🪐
It’s just me and you ,👩🏻👨🏻
That I want forever❤️‍🩹
Just me and you.

The one thing no one can prove wrong is

You are the Love of my life 🖤
emzee Jan 26
Its you who knows you better.
Who talks from your back, They know nothing .
For them you got nothing to prove.
But for you,there is a lot.
                                                        Live for yourself.
emzee Jan 24
Let me tell you something.
Its been a long ,
Iam having that dream.
Dream that I found the one.

Let me tell you how she looks.
The eyes, which completes the grace.
I wish I could succumb for her,
So I can see her all day.

Let me tell you how she sounds.
She talks, her words can heal.
I wish I could hurt myself,
So I can find peace in her words.

Let me tell you about her posture.
Kind she is , thus she spread love.
Empathetic She got, so she serve good.
Its the breif Iam telling you.

Dreams come true sometimes,
Even more beautiful it offers.
No one can give those feelings.
The moment you found the one.
emzee Jan 17
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