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Tyler Frisbie Feb 2017
Drowning in the lows of social interpretation of trust and true friendships
Leading my peers in unrecognizable intimidation that haunts my words and actions
The meaningless words I say haunt my spirit and gives me one more  demon on my shoulder
"Just take one more, you'll forget" it says
My Control of Dependance never wins, the Benzo family welcomes me with warming thoughts of peace and stress free thinking that no other particle in this universe would replace.  
My half empty bottle yells at me and reminds my stricken brain to keep it together
The crave is unnoticed and I think nothing of it until I wake
The vicious cycle lasts all day long and never goes away, nothing stops
The wheel spins as the pain and fear stab me along the way
I loose everyone and everything I have that makes me, me.
Nothing I know makes sense anymore,
Anything I do for myself seems useless and pathetic
The speed in of my surroundings is never ending and there is no one behind or in front to lead me
The paper trail of various mind warping pills lead my trail of life, giving me the warmth of their family's love as I drop each one under my tongue
Giving me the strength that God doesn't give me
Tyler Frisbie Oct 2016
The world around you is fading
The pathway you walk on is crumbling and out of stretch
The voices you hear are your own mistakes
The mistake you put into your mouth and chew
The mistake you inhale through your airways, as if it's a fetal revive
This mistake will be repeated more than once
Considered a choice by day and a mistake by night
As a cycle it will be passed on by your generation
It fades with you as you forget where life is going
Mortally influenced by everyone who keeps their mistakes secret
This mistake will be the last after it becomes a choice of life
Now it's no longer a mistake; a choice of living in lies and fraudulence of everyone around you
It fades
Tyler Frisbie Jan 2016
I finally feel a release when it dissolves under my tongue
down my throat and
Into my streams
It gives my heart the piece of mind that my face can tell otherwise
All is well and well is all I think, keeping me warm
It's the layer of skin I dissolve into when I scream for mercy and I've given up on everything
it dissolves the sorrows from when I've failed the day, tried too hard or need a break.
Tyler Frisbie Oct 2015
Our parents are here to make us a better person
Some of us don't want our parents to make us that person.
We were brought in this world to become what is called a good person, but in reality it's just another mislead child.
Our parents never believed us or acted if they did. Drugs held them captive and alcohol swiped their brain's dependency.  We've seen this our whole lives but always thought it was just for adults. But growing up too fast doesn't make you an adult. What we learned from our parents isn't what we are, but the habits are
We're just another generation whose lives depend on love, ***, and drugs. It'll never stop.
Tyler Frisbie Oct 2015
The way the world works is a complete game
And it seems you're stuck on the same level
Just listen to the ones who actually care
They'll lead you to what you've been missing out on
There's more to life than living around people who aren't real and only looking for that one thing
Who strive their lives and made bad decisions
That's not the people who care  
Find the voice in your head that says you can change
I'm not pushing you
I'm not forcing you
I'm not saying you haven't tried
It's just an option I've been thinking about ever since things went down hill
Ever since you couldn't be trusted
Ever since I realized things weren't gonna change
You can try your best to succeed your goal
I'm here for you.
Tyler Frisbie Oct 2015
No one wants to see you do better than them
They'll bring you down
Make you feel worst
Drag you until they got to where they needed
It'll creep up at the most unexpected times
Manipulate, make themselves feel almost above everyone, meanwhile you're drowning
Gasping for air and you don't realize how humiliated you look
Manipulation is life's way of saying you don't deserve to have dreams
People can create this and it seems they'll never get what they truly deserve
They'll always have something that you can never have
Using it against you in battles that seem clueless
No particular goal or achievements made
All out of spite, hate, or envy
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