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 Oct 2015 Shayla Ahrns
They always tell kids
"Just wait until you're ready"
Really wish I did.

Don't know why with you
You asked: "is this your first time?"
Face down on your bed.

In the north of Spain
Would travel to you again
Still sends me postcards.

The worst thing happened,
Never really felt the same.
Changed my whole world up.

My first ******,
I will love you forever
Think I was on top.

You were just one night
Ripped apart ******* ******
You weren't very good.

Bad night in April.
Had *** with an old friend,
The absolute worst.

Eating bagel bites
He told me that he loved me,
I really didn't.

Margarita mix
The next day you left for France
You were really big

Have this **** buddy
Only a daytime thing though,
Sees my whole body.
 Aug 2015 Shayla Ahrns
I loved watching  
your body light up
the first time
you felt me up

The medal
against my *******,
sit in diagonals
painted silver
they've found the perfect home  
against my soft skin
and your perfect lips

I want you
to feel them,
admire my art
and know this is not
what everyone sees

They are
lessons I have learned
in ***  
and love
the more your fingertips
you will learn my mistakes
and heartbreak

When your tongue travels,
you are tasting everything
I pour
into my art
and feeling
all of my humanness
you are seducing
all of my dreams
and living
in my fantasy

Give me
the touch
I crave
tie me up
in your arms
and wrap me
in your skin
kiss me
with all the colors
of fire
let me feel
your kinda love
and allow me
to give you mine.
 Jul 2015 Shayla Ahrns
I hear you
in the music
I see you
in designs
I smell you
in pints
I taste you
in *******
I feel you

everywhere I go.

I hear you
In all the funky jazz beats
I feel you
In the rhythm
Even when I'm dancing with other men
You never leave my side
Our bodies
Our souls
Got me mesmerized
All wrapped up
In your rap tunes
You know how they make me feel
Like I'm floating
On the *** vibes
Totally lost in our world
You understand
My art
My love
My ***
They're all the same thing, you know.

I see you
In passing
In stores
In movies
In products
In fine dining establishments
This is when I know
I know you
When I can see you in the designs
In clothing
In an artist's painting
In a pair of shoes
The colors and shapes in a tie
All the art I see
I see you.

I smell you
In spliffs
Rolled in the finest tobacco
Packed exquisitely by you
Late nights after ***  
You'd roll one up for us
I'd feel like a ******* queen
In your arms
But now
I smell you in the morning
When the coffee's being made
Never have I ever
Woken up by your side
Without the boldness of your coffee
Greeting me
With your love

I taste you
In every whiskey cocktail
In every bartenders ice cubes
In every microbrew
I taste you mostly in the IPA
But some nights I taste you in porters
And chocolate beers
Most of the time
Your flavor shows up
In the finest French restaurants
That we used to adore
I'd always have my red wine
And you the whiskey.

We were in love
With each other's art
And that's when I figured out
That's all life is, is
Sharing each other's love
Through art
And mystery
You are my love
My past
My present
And my future
Even when you are not in my present
Or my future
You will always be with me
I will always hear you
In the music
See you
In paintings
Smell you
In spliffs
Taste you
In whiskey
and love you
Like I've never loved before.

— The End —