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Shailesh Otari Aug 2016
My dreams still see her appear,
bringing ephemeral happy cheer,
my heart makes a wish sincere,
to be with her like yesteryear.


Yet again I shed a tear,
sensing she will never be near,
no longer though it is hate or fear,
just flows out my love, ever so pure.
Aug 13th 2016
Shailesh Otari Feb 2016
It stood there, tall for decades
Years how many, no one knows
Until one night, falls it down
As harsh wind that night blows.

Seeing it fall, we all weep
Through the night, lose our sleep
But day comes and forget we all
A lassie seeds a sapling small.
Feb 26th 2016
*** Reminiscing Ranita’s fallen Mango tree
Shailesh Otari Apr 2015
Deep down mind’s dark alley
Lies a room, almost a crypt,
With old memories stashed together
hazy, misty, nondescript

They were once fresh,
vivid and flagrant,
in times sunnier,
merry and vibrant

Until –

A day a friend lost,
A day a love broken
A day innocence died
Or a day trust stolen

Each time filled this room
With never-to-return memories
And I stay away from the crypt
To save myself the miseries
- Reflecting on the futility of some good, old memories
April 16th 2015
Shailesh Otari Apr 2015
He strove past a mammoth tree
Under which as a child
He weathered many a storms
Waiting for a moment mild.

Yet cared little he for times gone
Bidding not so much as a glance
To an old friend who seemed
Trifling before his new romance.

And seemed not to mind the tree
Neither surly nor grumpy
Just busy sheltering that night
A newly found puppy.
April 12th 2015
Shailesh Otari Aug 2014
Here a star and there a star
They destined our rendezvous,
For ages we were drifted far
And now we meet anew.

We belong to the same land
Common are our memories,
Playing together hand-in-hand
How we ignored worldly worries!

With time, taking our own paths
Estranged we, more and more
Like two ships voyaging strange seas
Set off from a common shore.

Chasing clock ticks, we forgot
How long we had been away
Amassed feelings jump a lot
When we meet again today.

And it all pours down like rain,
When old stories are again told
Time moves not and still remains
As the children in us unfold.
Aug 5th 2014
Reflections on meeting an old friend
Shailesh Otari Aug 2014
Glory of divine Grace
Fades away in thousand ways
Humbled Euphoria remains dazed
Before thy joyous beaming face.
Shailesh Otari Jul 2014
Pain! My constant companion!
How closely you follow me,
Unlike the evasive Fun
That I rarely get to see!

Tear! My close buddy!
How you are always near,
When Smile jilts me
And gloomy nights appear!

Loneliness! My alter ego!
How you complete me,
Others will never know
Our bittersweet chemistry!
July 29th 2014
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