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Selena Nights Apr 2016
Here, there's no such thing as being bare.
It's less than rare.
It's nonexistent.
It's only fair.
Humans just don't possess that kind of care.
They're not capable of handling such truth.
Of cherishing such intimacy.
In this world it's weak to be naked.
It's frowned on, where it should be sacred.
It's made fun of & wasted.
Turned from & degraded.
Maybe if it wasn't, more would be vindicated.

But we're not.
We're medicated.
We'd rather be sedated & faded.
Then be invaded.
But why does it have to be an "invade"?
Because you're so scared of being a cliche?
How dare everyone have the same band aid.
Or the same problem.
You think that'd create a bond.
Where havens could be spawned.
Where emotions wouldn't be yawned.
But maybe you could look beyond.. yourself.
And see where you both correspond.
It's called a "bond"..

But, of course, that's a dream.
An unrealistic theme.
Not even your spouse will let you see a tear gleam.
Will let you hear their scream.
But would rather teeter on a mental balance beam.
Because this is our theme.

This is our way.
Keep every feeling,
Every thought at bay.
A way to push away.
Say "I'm okay".

Rather than be transparent.
Rather than it be apparent.
That all this suppression,
Is why we're so incoherent.. to each other.
Why we don't understand one another.
Leaving each other.
To find another.
Another who has the same issue?

It's not an issue.
It's called life.
It's natural.
But we're made to feel it's not.
"Stop being crazy", it's what we're taught.
"You need to see someone", a lie we bought.
Therapist are making quite a fortune off our emotional blood clot.  

All I'm saying is expression might help.
Expression might be the key.
Maybe there'd be less shootings.
Maybe there'd be less divorcees.
Because you'd be surprised how much can be mended with a listening ear & a small amount of empathy.
Like a puzzle
Frustrating, beautiful,
And in the end fulfilling
Finding the right words
The right thing to say
That helps you express
The way you want to be

Like a bestfriend
A confidant
Pouring your soul out
Because you can
Your fears
Your desires
Your problems
Your choices

Like a snowflake
Always new
Always different
Always unique
Not one is alike

Like a child’s dream;
An ice cream shop
So many choices
Too many choices
You want them all
You hate them all
You can’t have them all

Like a piece of art
Whether paint or clay
Different formats
Different colors
Different shapes
And different sizes

Like an orchestra
All different sounds
Coming together
To make one big,
Beautiful, enthralling
And emotional sound

Because poetry is poetry
Everything works
Everything fits
Nothing is wrong
Nothing is right
Just freedom
In words
Selena Nights Apr 2016
I am in a church of rest
I am floating between dimensions
As if sedatives were whisking through my flesh
Wars are on Jupiter  
Cancer only for Saturn
Live with me
Well make our home here
In this reality with no matter
My husband works.. A lot. I promise I'm not this whiny in real life. Writing is just an outlet.
Selena Nights Apr 2016
Separated by that which is necessary.
Necessary for this world.
Necessary for this life.
Necessary for a kid & a wife.
A burden?
Or a reason?
To live this life...

Maybe it's one in the same.
Maybe one day we could frame,
All this fight & this strain,
To look back & see what we gained..
& say we won the game..
Or lost.
The game.

We didn't know there was a game
We didn't know we'd have to play
We didn't know we'd have to stay
We didn't know we'd have to fight our way
Fight one another
Fight so hard to be together
Fight so hard to love the other

Words so harsh
"You ****, you *****"
"You're mean, that's it"
"Don't leave. Let's fix"
Fix what?
Fix you?
Fix me?
When did we break?
For goodness sake!
I can't take
I'm starting to shake
Tears that could fill a lake
Breathe in
Breathe out

Calm down
Calm down
Try to understand.
Take a hold of his hand.
A torn apart man

There's so much here
Years & years
Love can conquer fear
"You know I'm here"
"I'd fight forever for you, my dear"

We will find our way through this maze.
This pact is not a phase
My vows, I will take to my grave.
I will be with you till my dying day.
What actually happens after deployment
Selena Nights Mar 2016
A bond only of other's dreams..
A connection to be envied..
In your presence alone, I could thrive..
Flourish in bounties..
Bounties of smiles..
Bounties of joys..
Bounties of laughs..

My soul is content.
At peace in your company..
At peace in catastrophe..
At peace in nothing..
A nothing with you..
I am nothing, if just me..
How could I ever be..
If not with you..

You see..
You are me..
I feel you in me..
We are one another.
Disembodied in separation..
That's why all the pain..
That's why so much strain..
On this bond.
But what better bond?, God says..
Than a bond invincible by human force..
Invincible by earthly force..
Invincible by all this force..

But what better bond?
A bond not of stone..
A bond not of brick..
A bond not of metal..
A bond blessed by our God..
The God.
Thank you God.
An invincible God.

We are two of one piece made in the Heavens to be join again on the dirts of this earth.
So my love..
Don't fret..
Don't frown..
Be delighted.
For we are richer than Wall Street.
For nothing green could price our gem.

— The End —