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Lucanna  Oct 2012
Lucanna Oct 2012
I've drank a thousand beers
I've smoked a million cigarrettes
I've ate at least a hundred Twix bars
I've watched Breakfast at Tiffany's hours on end
I've flirted with every male waiter that brings me
unfulfilling dish after unfulfilling dish
I've bought weekly **** dark outfits
and I've spent my life savings
on beautiful MAC make-up and a new Legacy
and pumps I think you'd like
I've gotten my hair colored every color I can think of
I've tried being an apathetic punk, an upbeat cowgirl,  
a wide-eyed polyanna, a harsh madonna, a ****-you-feline,
an emotionally charged marilyn, and a classy Diane
I've memorized witty jokes, and roasts, and rivetting last lines
I've modeled and sang and became an athlete
I've played hard to get, I've played easy and teasy
And I've twirled my hair and crossed my legs
and learned to walk while swaying my hips
I've ran miles and kilometers and meters and
I've lifted weights and done zumba and yoga and hiked and biked and


There's no comfort                                  and no          getting    to                                        ­                    you.
Robin Dziedzic  May 2015
Robin Dziedzic May 2015
White serpents of clarity flow through my mind

The three tailed monkeys have sung their toasts,

I never knew just who I´d find

Along the beaches of Small Talk coasts.
Maddy  Jan 2021
Dead ends
Maddy Jan 2021
Book ends
Old friends
Day dreams
Pulling you down again
Making darkness your frenenmy
Nothing Polyanna about blue days and stormy nights
Talk to me
Tell me tbe bad never becomes good
Dealing with it us not enough
Finding tbe road and easing down it
Kmowing that the rain never ends
The light you seek is inside your heart
Returns when it beats normally again
Dead ends.Old friends
Here's to the light of life
If it was only about putting things into perspective than it woukd be easy.
You have to fight for your life and leave the darkness behind you.
I have accomplished that but it is a daily battle,I intend to win.
It still rears its ugly head from time to time but I am better than it is!

— The End —