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Chante Hinsey Mar 2019
Oh black negus. Why do you hate me so much?
Noticed I called you by your rightful title.
King, Ruler, Emperor
Not ***** or ******
The derogatory term originating from the crackers, or *****, the mild disparagement softened by society made to think that it's acceptable.
But anyway let's get back to it.
Why do you hate me?
Is it because of my full lips or my round hips?
My low tolerance for *******?
The way that my stretch marks are engraved in my skin?
Or how the roots of my hair aren't so thin.
Is it my naturally sun kissed skin? Even toned complexion?
It just can't be my uncanny resemblance to Isis the Egyptian Goddess!
So why not praise me for my natural features
Why go on one knee for their paid for enhancements
Should I react like Angela Basset in Waiting to Exhale?
Screaming and shouting while my face is growing pale.
But pardon my melanin
I was perplexed by this darkness that stared at me in the mirror
That stared at me looking in my lovers eyes and taunted me
Smiles behind hidden hate they constantly berate my beauty
But pardon my melanin
My superiority is in my melanin
Encased in my skeleton
Our ancestors wouldn't like this
They would not be proud of that colorism that exist
They slander us for our features yet they list after it
This systematic thinking has our men slandering us but they won't admit
You continue to beat me down yet I am your mother.
I am the fruit of this nation.
But pardon my melanin
So I'll ask again
Why do you hate me?
We are carved in the same beauty and without each other we can't exist
I still remember the first day that we kissed but a few months later you left me for hailey in an unfortunate bliss
Melanin filled girls I am here to say
You are a queen never be afraid to be seen
The brother that disrespect and degrade are absolutely absurd!
You are not ratchet bitter or mean
Youre a stunning melanin queen
So pardon my melanin?
Naw enlightened by me melanin.
Is it worth it ?
Written on 08/29/18

Block boy trap ***** gang ******
is loosing your life worth it?
Bringing pain to your children mom n family is it really worth it?
Burying your body before your time
is it worth it?
Proving a point of what exactly that you a real *****?
That you’re tough?
That you’re down for ur ******?
That’s what make you a dumb *****!
All that tough **** is for the birds
Jail or death are your options
6 feet down in the dirt
Being paralyzed for life
Loosing a limb
Constant retaliation
Is it worth it?
Becoming the stereotypical *** *****
Stray bullets have no names
Ending lives with no shame
Do you have a conscious a soul
Fighting is one thing
But to never come back because
You took that gun and ended a life
Is it worth ?
Young child dead stray bullet to her head
Young child dead stray bullet to his head
Teen gangsta pulled the trigger tryna prove to his boys that he a real *****
Not caring who is around
More bodies to bury
Is it worth it?
Now you’re caught
Now you’re crying
Now you realize you just threw away your life
But you’re not crying because you realize what you have done is wrong
But because you were caught!
Sad priceless moments that you could be using to actually doing good
End the black on black crime
All this unity for loyalty y’all have for y’all ******
Could be used for unity positivity
For the young boys and girls for the next generation build each other up
But instead being a real *****
A killer of your people
Is what’s up
Is it worth it?
When will y’all wake up dumb ****** be a smart ***** do what’s right
When will y’all wake up
Build the community
Give your parents someone to be proud off
Break the ******* cycle
Real negus do things to bring up their  
Real NEGUS are royalty
Real NEGUS are not focus on destruction of self and communities
So when I ask you is it worth it?
You are dead just a memory while your boys move on with their lives it either changes them or they have already joined you
Was it worth it?
Block boy trap n* gang n*
is loosing your life worth it?
Bringing pain to your children mom n family is it really worth it?
Burying your body before your time
is it worth it?
Negus means royalty and where the N word came from ... just changed the meaning of it into a derogatory term
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
I was born wrapped in a black body bag.... They call that to lighten my appearance they try to remember me as a white outline.. chalked......upon asphalt.... and say it was this *** fault.... I was only known as an A...4.0 but I never made the cut... as I got my first F....Foolish Acts....Of being born Black... Or Incomplete...As I lay holed in the street...I hate the facts...that I will be a *****...even tho I know better...But my Ipod teaches me to ***** better... to be a NWA....a ***** with Attitude.... Not a NWP....a Negus With Pride... So I walk in stride... influenced like my ancestors... by music...rhythm and beats... See the devil knows what you'll bop to... rock to... So he muffled the sounds of Love and Peace...and Boosted the way of the streets... hoods.. and Lifeless...  So that You would automatically see me as ratchetness... When I could have grew to be the very definition of peace... Now I'm just another problem... and you'll never see me as a victim... only the agitator...because You've listed to the same beats, watched the same feeds and ingested all the fabrications as truths...They have taken it to far making the stereotypes WorldStars  And All I ever did was become what you wanted me to be in the first place....A Pale Lifeless outline of white Dust....That you will inhale without justice... #IamBrown
Jay Bryant  Dec 2016
Jay Bryant Dec 2016
Yelling free my Negus.
They just be trying to eat, and make a living.
Now the 1% making a killing,
because my brothers stuck in private prisons.
We dying in these streets,
Crying behind steel doors.
Use your mind while its still yours.
Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.
A quote the government still ignores.
They adore our culture,
Steal all they can from us like vultures.
Savages that only care about annual profit averages,
And the status quo.
Just know we gone make it through this sadness,
Learn your history so we won't repeat this madness.
the school of ancient slave teachings,
disregard the 'negus'.
nothing new has came for ages,
& the land withers beneath us.
no leaders,
just teachers following a script,
the youth are help-less
& they need us.
my 3 year old daughter
said she wants to save the "new-world";
we're all here on a mission
& im lost for words.

— The End —