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L A Lamb  Sep 2014
L A Lamb Sep 2014
It’s an Epic Poem.
A Litany, so to speak
a long list of malapropisms and algorithms.
The decade started in 1991.
It was the revolutionary, the lucky twentieth century.
Decade strikes two.
To who? To whom?
The last seven years were the Silence of the Lambs.
It was a little shop of horrors,
Little girls as little ******,
Dolls to be bought and played with.
I am
Ach duh
Je suis
The genie trapped inside,
Bound to be freed through suicide
And I did so
So many times.44544rtftfrfrtg]
Nico Reznick Dec 2018
I only find out
three years after you died.
So far as I knew, you were still out there,
scamming and scheming,
racking up more debts you’d never pay,
dreaming up your next dodgy deal,
the bonanza you knew was your birthright.  
Three years on, I learn that you’re dead.
I shouldn’t be sad about it.  
The unvarnished truth of it is
you were a bit of a *******:
a con man, a crook;
a lousy business partner, a nightmare debtor,
a negligent father, a faithless husband, 
a bad boss and a shady friend.
You didn't even like Champagne; 
you just liked other people seeing you drink it.
Yeah, you were a *******,
but you were our *******.
Our Fagan, our Black Beard, our
cockney Don Corleone,
lurid legend of the tabloids and consumer shows
with your Montecristo cigars and malapropisms,
your E-types and your excesses,
your bankruptcies, both financial and moral.  
You looked after us.  You took us in.
Any port in a storm,
and those were stormy times,
and - although it came close - we didn’t drown.
Perhaps it’s gratitude, or
misplaced loyalty,
that pinches uncomfortably somewhere inside me,
when I hear about how you went.
It should have been different.
There should have been some last stand,
a blaze of dubious glory, a final reckless burn
as you rode one right off the cliff edge.  
It shouldn’t have been so small, so dismal,
so unremarkably tragic.
Back in the day, I wasn’t even sure you could die;
I figured you’d just move on and start up
some new franchise operation,
reincorporated under a new name, in a new town.  
But when I heard you were dead,
I think what shocked me most
was finding out it wasn’t suicide.
I found out yesterday about the death of an old... friend?  I'm not sure if that's the right term, although I think it was for quite a long time.  He wasn't a good person, and he hurt most of the people who got close to him, but he did take care of my mom and myself at a time when we really didn't have anyone else and he had no obligation to.  Because of all the bridges he'd burned, I only came to learn that he'd died three years after the fact.  I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the news, if you can even call it that, three years late.

— The End —