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Simoné  Jan 2018
Simoné Jan 2018
Hold me tight
like the blanket
around my body
keep me safe
keep me warm
let me see by candlelight
all the secrets you keep
all the dreams you hide
the thoughts that flicker
through your mind
like the flame that
keeps me company
as I wander through the night

Show me when
I'm far away
the silences you breathe
the words that your
lips grasp tightly
what picture do you see
when our eyes meet  
trace your heart
onto my skin
let me understand your warmth
like the fire
burning by my side
as I lay awake all night
October Aug 2018
today is your birthday
I hope you know that if I could
if I could say it
I would say happy birthday
but I cant
I can't congratulate you on another year
but I hope there's cake
and candles too
like the ones I used to do
but that's over
however, your day is not
so take a shot
"cheers to 28"
today is his birthday. the (ex)love of my life's birthday. but i'll never tell him happy birthday and he'll never know i wrote this.
Tegan Mar 31
You got me drowning in roses
But baby its okay,
I know you will kiss the wounds
That the thorns left behind.
Sprung to the road
                   Had coffee in the moonlight

Her, photographing,
                              The strap pulling her hair in an exquisite way
                              On her knees like a tiny elf
                              Illuminated by yellow street candles,

It was a summer night and the wind was gentle.

It was an odd night
                 In the odd same city as always
                             Oddly comfortable.

The coffee left a bitter taste

Yet the car drove us sweet and joyful
                    Through the yellow painted night.
july 5, 2017
1:20 a.m.
Sun, moon and golden candles hung in midair
are but ornaments used by heavens muse
to paint true love and all things rare.
My love does stir my vice to compare
painted words to love and  
these candles hung in midair.
Arianna  Nov 2018
The Serenade
Arianna Nov 2018
Gossamer candlelight
The sole barrier
Between my skin and evening air,

Its golden honey spilling warm o'er my neck,
Woven with summer breeze and incense
Through't my hair

As I attend
The garden harmony
Of crickets with the nightingale.
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