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ochuko blaze May 2018
The man behind the man who never sees anything under without reacting
The idol of a man's world
When I taught I had control over the issues you always put me down
In your high horse you always want to prove your supremacy
Oh my foolish idol
On your knees you will always be after few moments of the game you wanted
Ranting and vibrating is what you do before the game, but always loose before the game starts
You always make your temple uncomfortable when you are angry
That your temple go at lent just to please you
Yet you are never pleased or satisfied
Oh my sensitive idol
So sensitive that the touch of a woman brings out your wrath
You always want to win the game without playing the game
I call you an idol because your temple will remain restless until you are pleased
ochuko blaze Aug 2017
When I was born
I struggle to sit down
I struggle to stand up
I struggle to walk
And after all I started growing
Then I wanted to play
I wanted to get married
I wanted to have my own family
I wanted to owned a house
I wanted to owned a car
I wanted to be wealthy
Then I started struggling
Walking hard to achieve my goal
Doing the unthinkable  just to
Get the sweetness of life
Then I said to myself
Why the struggle
If I will leave this world
The same way I came, without nothing
All the achievement will I leave behind
Then why the struggling
When the body I am struggling for, will become food for worms someday
So I decided to wait
For my right time to come
Because I know that
Everything on this earth is vanity
Even my own body
ochuko blaze Jul 2017
In the midst of pains
Weeping and asking when will it be over
Cause the whole world seem like it's crushing down on you
Then seeing the future that is so bright beyond the pains
Comforting yourself that you see the joy beyond the pains
Feeling the pains like my whole world is falling apart
But I can't stop smiling in pain cause I know and I see beyond the pains of today that joy will come tomorrow.
ochuko blaze Jul 2017
if I was I
loving the way I wanted to
doing the things I wanted to
but I was been prevented
by things around me
things and people that comes around me
my emotional body was hurt
preventing me from been I
living with caution and precaution
not wanted what happen to repeat itself
forcing out the change in me
when I know that's not me
  Sep 2016 ochuko blaze
Matthew Goff
Pink hyacinth girl
Throwing flowers in the air
A garden dreamer
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