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the abstract thoughts of a wandering soul
Big Man on campus
Landenberg PA    15. ;) love to write potery and it is my life to be a poet. Potery just speaks to me when i type or write ...
Angela Campbell
Hull, MA   
Víctor J Martínez Camposeco
21/M/Guatemala    I'm born in Guatemala below the moon of Xelaju.I lived in Mexico for 13 years, but now I'm studying film in Guatemala.
Saskia Campbell
bellavia joy campbell
17/Non-binary/le mars, iowa    :): you decide.
Aryssa Campo Sangle
Dubai, UAE    Filipina-Española in Dubai Third Person Anonymous Novel in the making
England    savouring sweetness even when it's sweet as clay
I'm a freshman, occasionally writing poetry for the fun of it. "Silence" is personally my favorite poem that I've written because it's the only one ...
Mary Campell Spencer
United States    you're vivid.
Shayne Campbell
24/M/Canada    Writer with some sort of confidence.
Nina Campos
21/F/ILLINOIS    My inadequate suffering for your enjoyment.
26/M/Bel Air, MD    Lawyer and poet quelling boredom.
Christopher Campbell
Thousand Oaks    Author. Poet. Editor. I enjoy making ridiculous videos and writing musicals about the mundane.
Just a poet trying to let you know it
Aberdeen    I am a music teacher and aspiring writer. I have three wonderful children.
Andy Campbell Graham
18/M/New York    Blueberry wine.
Happy Camper
22/F/Philippines    o man i am so excited i can't believe y'all let me in here thank you so much!!
Michael Ocampo
Throw me into the well of despair
Alexander Campbell
Christina Croucamp
Mosselbay    Life is all about choice, we are free agents, sometimes not always wise in our choices. I have no regrets. I have paths not taken.dreams ...

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