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  Jan 2015 Fiona Campbell
If I carved the words "I love you"
into every inch of my skin,
would you believe them?
Would you believe me?

If I painted a picture of my heart
with the very blood that it pumps,
would you cherish it?
Would you cherish me?

If I promised that there was no one else,
that there was only you,
would you accept that?
Would you accept me?
Would you accept me?
Fiona Campbell Jan 2015
Why do I feel this way?
When I'm with you
When you look at me
When I hear your voice
My whole body tingles
I can barely breathe
Longing to be closer
When will I feel your lips on mine
Your loving arms around me
Are we meant to be?
Or is this merely the feeling
Of our pre- destined
Desire to mate
Fiona Campbell Jan 2015
Barefoot, blistered and bleeding
She wanders in from the street
People stare, flabbergasted
Very odd, unheard of in fact

She doesn’t know her size
So like Cinderella, she tries them on
Randomly selecting pretty colours

Silvery, glittery heels
She twirls for the mirror
Sales assistant sighs
Wellingtons for the garden
If she had one!

Satin ice skates
She would glide on the icy pond
Pretty sandals
To feel the sand between her toes

Boring, black brogues
With no pennies in her pocket
She wanders back to the street
Barefoot, blistered and bleeding
Fiona Campbell Jan 2015
A celebration on the horizon
Leaves you longing to share it with someone
Yet, at the same time, treasure for yourself
A mysterious, magical moment
Bold and bright, breathtakingly beautiful
Yellow, orange hues, bleeding together
Purples and pinks, a painting from Heaven
Shimmering, stunning, spectacular sight
The sun, the sun, a golden, fiery orb
A Glorious gift from God for us all
Fiona Campbell Jan 2015
London train departing from platform nine
We are pleased to say that it’s right on time
Passengers scramble on with their luggage
Looking for empty seats in the carriage
I sit at the window, gaze at the sea
Trolley comes down with sandwiches and tea
Conductor appears looking for tickets
Lots of hands searching in bags and pockets
Girl in the corner, engrossed in her book
Man in the suit gives his files a last look
Plenty of people perusing their phones
Lovely old lady sits quiet and alone
Everyone stares at the guy with tattoos
His barely dressed girlfriend with high-heeled shoes
Young guy with the headphones, chewing his gum
Little kids clinging on tight to their mum
Meaningless small talk, chatting with friends
Train’s getting slower, journey will end
Finally here at my destination
New adventure begins at the station
Fiona Campbell Jan 2015
Colourful candle
Your flame flickers
I inhale your sensual scent
You create a magical mood
Poised for rest and relaxation
Or the real romanticism
Of a perfect enchanted evening
Fiona Campbell Jan 2015
I stand alone
In the cold, dark night
Contemplating my life
In the faint moonlight
How silent
How peaceful
A moment that’s mine

I sit by the stream
As it gently flows
I gaze at the stars
As they shimmer and glow
How silent
How peaceful
A moment that’s mine

I sit by the ocean
So tranquil and blue
Looking up at the sky
With wonderful hues
How silent
How peaceful
A moment that’s mine

Moment’s I’ll treasure
Forever and more
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