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Valsa George
Muvattupuzha    Poetry is a late boon into my life. Only after my retirement as a teacher from a college in Kerala, India, I started writing poems. ...
Chalsey Wilder
22/Two-Spirit/Space    I missed you guys.
18/F/New York City   
Hisham Alshaikh
25/M/Earth    Just trying to write simple elegant poems. Twitter: h1sh4m Instagram: h15h4m
False Poets
how oft in life do we presume, take for granted grants so extra-ordinary that we forget to remember the extra and see only the ordinary. ...
like Sylvia wrote in The Bell Jar, "I am. I am. I am." ig / @quietskin
Allyson Walsh
Minnesota    "I'm afraid that once your heart's involved, it all comes out in moron." - Lorelai Gilmore
Melanie Walsh
But drinking cough syrup when you don't have a cough is ironic, because in reality you're sicker than you thought ~
"Hope. It's like a drop of honey, a field of tulips blooming in the springtime. It's fresh rain, a whispered promise, a cloudless sky, the ...
I may look happy, but honestly dear, the only way I'll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear. Tumblr: Perfumeee
F/melancholy    it just words.
Travis Lue Alston
SC    "If you're reading this... Congratulations, you're alive. If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is" I write my own material| ...
Indiana    My new book (Whiskey Dipped Flowers) selected poems- is now available on amazon,kindle,and Barnes&noble
Nicole Walsh
United States    20 years old, Milwaukee. I'm a songwriter, but I put my less constructed works on here.
F/Texas, Arlington    I'm not a poet. I'm a reader, I enjoy the words that describe how I feel better than I could ever make them do...
Halston Foster-Jack
South Africa    My name is Halston and I am a writer.
Matt Walsh
Matt.22.FL.UCF. Thanks for readin'
wherever    Live love die
Petals and Thorns
Nowhere, but everywhere    I lived I loved I hoped I broke I write
I'm not really depressed my poems are just depressing. Thank you God for making me happy
Brandon Halsey
Brandon Hasey is a writer from Wilkes-Barre, PA. His first book, Assorted Poems and Purple Prose, is available at
John A Alsoszatai-Petheo
Ellensburg, WA    Born and raised in the Caribbean, English is my third language. I taught anthropology for the last forty+ years. Now I am retired. I am ...
Samantha Walsh

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