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Matt Walsh Jun 2014
I wonder why West is
Where the sun does set

Those crazy cowboys always
Trying to tame her

Makes me think
Of all directions

West is
Least understood

Matt Walsh May 2014
Have my heart
Every fleeting beat
Every single cell

Lives for you

Your steady rhythm
Slow graceful gallop
Holds my meaning

Make me pulse

Find me here
Take these hands
Have them tingle

A smile slides

To each ear
Your teeth translate
Light laughter and

Spill my soul

Let me mind
A long love
Lasting our lives
Matt Walsh Apr 2014
Gambling can be fun but
When hearts is your only suite
In this casino we all
Wander losing our love

What is risk without reward
What are kicks without any risk
All I know is I
Can’t leave here alone

Someday when I’m totally spent
Ill get my drained heart and
Stumble to the bar and
Meet a spent girl

With eyes like money and
A smile that shows shiny 7’s
And I will know I
Just hit the jackpot
Matt Walsh Feb 2014
We lie here
I turn and say

I have nothing
For you and you

Nothing for me
Why are we here

We are here
Then she points outside

'Cause out there
We are so alone

We kiss and
I fall back asleep
Wondering why she's here
Matt Walsh Feb 2014
If you go to the beach
To find sand
You will never see beauty

If you go to the forest
To find trees
You will never see beauty

But if you go to
The beach to find trees
The forest to find sand

You will see great beauty
Matt Walsh Jan 2014
Clocks in her hair
Time on her side

Her head is spinning
Hips side to side

And we wind

Like time and space
Have just now colli-

Matt Walsh Dec 2013
I know now
what you feel like

Exactly how
you like to be held

To be loved
the right way to kiss

With you
it only took two days

Its just easy
and then you leave me
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