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petalsofhope Apr 2017
warmth of the sun
scent of freshly-mown grass
chirping of birds
field of blooms
dancing to the rhythm of the breeze
back and forth
the petals sway gently
as the wind
    ­        w

at springtime
- an old piece i found (Nov, 2013)
petalsofhope Dec 2015
She fell for the guy she writes about

in every single piece of her poetry

the guy she has never even met

well, perhaps not just yet
petalsofhope Nov 2014
It's like a landslide of small, sharp rocks

falling onto your chest

into the spaces between your ribs

damaging your heart

and whats left of your fading soul
petalsofhope Oct 2014
Monsters she had always feared since she were four
They still exist
Even now,
Those terrifying creatures
Breathe and live in her
Deep, deep, deep inside her pure soul
Feeding of her unseen menacing dark thoughts
Slowly ******* her soul like dementors
As she begins to lose herself
They wait until she unleashes them
to the filthy world
petalsofhope Jan 2014
Running out of days
My breath is becoming short
The whispering wind begs me to stay
Hoping for a twist in this plot

Please don't take my soul
Not now, not just yet
But it's beyond my control
Must cherish this journey of no regrets

Let's build our own little fort
Where no one gets hurt and no one dies
Hopes and prayers are my last resort
As we bid melancholy goodbyes

Oh darling, take my hand
My grip is getting weaker
Prepare yourself to let go, unplanned
Since my skin has turned paler

Soon my sleep will become deeper
Craving for a final moment with you
Before falling into this eternal slumber
Before my time due

Oh darling, wipe your tears
Those drops are precious
Go to our little fort, take shelter
And reminisce how our memories were tenacious

Raising a white flag
One more moment, please
I solemnly begged
Alas, closing my eyes at ease
petalsofhope Jan 2014
The snow reminds me of every part of you
Your shimmering blue eyes
Flecked with shades of gray
They were iridescent
Resemblance of the sky at winter time
Without a slight touch of clouds
The depths of your deep chestnut brown hair
Reflected all the radiance in your smile
On the well-carved yet pale lips of yours
A smile that could cure cancer and wars
When your cold fingers touch mine
It sends shiver down my spine
You're no prince charming
Nor are you a mighty knight
Just someone for me to cuddle
During chilly nights
The way you laugh- oh its cliché
How it simply takes my breath away
Like a snowflake's delicate six-fold symmetry
Something about you is exquisite, indescribably
Without no fathomable sign I'm just drawn to you
Each and every part of your beautiful existence
Ever since then, I've always loved the first snow fall of winter.
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