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BCD, PH-YYZ, CA    "I write from my soul. This is the reason that critics don't hurt me, because it is me. If it was not me, if I ...
Madeleine V H
tumblr as
18/F    purposeless ramblings & randomly compiled thoughts
Madeleine Toerne
Susan Adele Wiggins
F/Los Angeles   
Madeleine Wolf
25/F    I am a compassionate and passionate person. I feel emotions deeply and love others the same way. Writing poetry is my best hobby, and it ...
Roberta Adele
England    the bareness of a blank white page scares me, rips all thought of words from my mind.
18/F/Sydney    I just started writing poetry to release locked up feelings. I much enjoy free verse poetry.
Falese Oladele David
M/Lagos, Nigeria   
Madeleine Felix
Madeleine Howard
Austin, Texas IG: poetic veins Or Chapter16
Madeleine Dawn
Whitney Adele
I am a lover, of life, adventure, and people.
Elisabeth Adele
Place I didnt know exists    I was never taught really how to put together a poem. How to organize the stanzas or get the words perfect in line. These are ...
I am made up of people I've met, Places I've been and words I've said. Welcome to my Mundane Musings
Carrey Adele
Generally speaking, I don't have a problem voicing my opinions to people's faces. But my poetry is the stuff that either fear, nerves, or my ...
I tend to err on the dark side of writing, and reading for that matter. Perky and happy seems a bit bleh for me. maybe ...
Abuja, Nigeria.    I love life because it is a fantastic gift from the cosmic.
Idaho    As I want this to be wonderfully written, and I have no inspiration to do so. I guess this is what you will get for ...

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